Welcome to the homework site for Mr. Glynn's Gr. 1 class. On the site, you will find the following links:

  • Homework: Brief daily notes & communication with home.
  • Today in Gr. 1: A brief outline of what students did during the day. This will be updated by 5:00 PM each school day.
  • The Gr. 1 Curriculum: A complete overview of the outcomes that students will work towards achieving this year.
  • Links: Helpful and educational links for both parents and students.

If at anytime during the year you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at bglynn@stbons.ca or call the school and leave a message. Follow our class on twitter here.

St Bon's - Quick Links

All about Me

Hi Everyone!

My name is Brad Glynn and I'm a Gr. 1 teacher at St. Bonaventure's College. I have been at St. Bon's for 9 years; working in Gr. 3, Gr. 7-12 Religion, and Campus Ministry in that time.

My own educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts (Double Major in History & Religious Studies) and a Bachelor of Primary/Elementary Education from Memorial University of Newfoundland. I have also completed my Masters in Educational Administration and Leadership from the University of New Brunswick.

Personally, I am a life-long learner who loves reading books and articles on a wide range of topics. I have a passion for justice and equity in society, and try to support my thoughts on this with tangible words and actions in my daily life.

I believe that students have a capacity to exceed our highest expectations for them academically, socially, and personally if we offer them the guidance, support, and encouragement they need in the classroom and beyond!

I look forward to growing with you all as we journey through the 2018/2019 school year!