Mrs. Regina Castrorao's

Kindergarten Class

The mission of Saint Bartholomew School is to love, educate, and inspire our children to live the teachings of Jesus Christ.


This week, we complete our Feather Fun project. The children are doing well and most received 3 feathers for the tasks required of them. Their Native American headbands will be looking great and just in time for Thanksgiving.

We begin learning about the First Thanksgiving and the children will know why the Pilgrims came to America and the hardships that they endured. On Wednesday of next week, we will make butter and have a little feast of our own. If anyone can send in some corn muffins (mini), apple juice boxes, Smart Food gluten free skinny popcorn (2 large bags), plates and napkins, it would be much appreciated. Just send me a note and I will let you know. There are 22 children in the classroom. If anyone is allergic to milk products, corn muffins, apple juice, or gluten free skinny popcorn, please let me know. This celebration will take the place of our morning snack, so you do not have to send in snack on this day.

In Religion, we identify ways of caring for the animals that God created and we explore ways that animals are gifts from God.

In Math, we began our new chapter on counting and modeling the number 10. The children will also be counting from a given number and fill in the missing numbers, for example, 6, 7,...,9. We will continue to compare numbers and know which is less than or greater than. Please check out the new Go Math assignment.

In ELA, we discuss movement words as we read about Bugs this week. We will continue blending letters together to make words such as "am, sap, at, mat, map." Please have your child sound out the letters and continue to practice reading the worksheets that we send home.

Thursday is also a dress down day to support Catholic Charities Christmas Gift Program - see Communication Envelope.

I hope to see you at one of our biggest fundraisers on Friday. It's lots of fun and there are plenty of happy people going home on this night. The children will view the baskets and if you are joining us on Friday evening, check their folder for some of the gifts they are hoping you win for them. Good Luck!

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are early dismissal days - 11:30 dismissal. There will still be aftercare available on these days. Your child will receive their first Progress Report this week. If you scheduled a conference, you will receive your child's Progress Report during the conference. Otherwise, the Progress Report will go home on Friday. You do not have to return them. At this time, Kindergarten conferences are optional and not required. Your child's first Report Card will be sent home in February and we highly recommend a meeting at this time.

Thanks and have a great week!