Mrs. Regina Castrorao's

Kindergarten Class

The mission of Saint Bartholomew School is to love, educate, and inspire our children to live the teachings of Jesus Christ.


I hope you were able to see our show, "Into the Woods" last week. The students had a great performance and all enjoyed the show. Thanks to Mrs. McAndrew and our alumni volunteers and parents who made the show such a success.

Thursday evening we will be at Barnes and Nobles for some fun! You may purchase your First Grade required reading assignment; sit and listen to some of our teachers as they read stories to your children; decorate cupcakes with Mrs. Egan and myself. We will be there between 7:00 - 8:00. See Communication Envelope for details.

In Religion, we focus on families. The children will know and accept that there are many kinds of families. They will identify ways on how to share their love for one another and reinforce helping as an important part of family life. Please reinforce with them that a home is where a family shares love.

In Math, we complete our unit on Measurement. The children will be assessed next week. They should know the meaning of height (tall, short); length (long, short) and weight (heavy, light). Please practice these words with them at home.

In ELA, we ask the children what they know about America and explore some of the landmarks of our great country. Our high frequency word is "come" and our phonics development will be the beginning sound of "Qu." We will also discuss what Memorial Day is and why it is a holiday.

Our next group of readers is as follows:

Week of May 21:

Mon: Ava Wed: Ryder Thurs: Alexis Fri: Kyrus

If you are scheduled for the day, please send in a book with your child.

Week of May 28:

Tues: Emiliiana Wed: Aaron Thurs: Sara

Tuesday, May 22 is our class trip to the Monmouth Museum. The children will arrive to school as a normal day. They can wear play clothes and we will eat our snack before we leave the school. Lunch should be packed in a brown paper bag with disposable items and we will return for normal dismissal. A separate note, as a reminder, will go home on Monday. There is no gift shop, so there is no need to send money with your child.

If your child has a summer birthday and would like to celebrate his/her birthday in school, please let us know what day is best. You are welcome to join us in the afternoon and read a story to our class.

We are in the process of planning our End of the Year show. Your child will take home a line or two to memorize. Please work with them so they know their lines adding a little bit of expression.

Thanks and have a great week!