Mrs. Regina Castrorao's

Kindergarten Class

The mission of Saint Bartholomew School is to love, educate, and inspire our children to live the teachings of Jesus Christ.


We had a great first week in Kindergarten and the children are getting to know each other. They are becoming acquainted with the classroom rules and routines and they are learning to respect each other's space. We had our first practice lockdown and the children did great!

In Religion, the children know that their names are important. They will regard God and the things that belong to God with reverence. They will be introduced to the Bible as God's storybook. Thank you for working with your children on making the "Sign of the Cross." I am very proud of them.

In Math, the children will use objects or drawings to decompose the number 5 into pairs in more than one way (3 and 2; 1 and 4). Our vocabulary word is "pair." Practice reading the number words one through five. The children will be assessed, next week, on Chapter 1 which includes number names. I have set up your usesrname and password for our "Go Math" link. It will provide you with Curious George fun which are animated practices that will reinforce our topics. Your username and passwords will be distributed this week.

In ELA, we continue to work on recognizing upper case (capital letters) and lower case partner letters (A,a). Please practice with your child. There will be a quiz, this Friday, on letters Aa - Hh. Our sight word for the week is "can." Please check out the sight word list on my website and create flash cards to help your child memorize the words. The children will be reading the sight words and use them in sentences. They will use a combination of drawings (illustrations), dictating, and writing to compose a sentence about a topic. We will identify characters in a story.

Thanks to those who ordered from the Scholastic Book Club last week. We are awarded free books for our classroom and Bonus Points for future purchases.

Our Magazine/Cookie Drive fundraiser began last week. Instructions were sent home. Please make an effort to support our school and your children. The magazines make good Christmas presents! The turn-in date is Monday, October 1.

Back to School Night is Wednesday, September 19 for Grades 1 - 8. However, there will be a presentation by our Home School Association (HSA) to our families, to explain the events throughout the year. Maybe you would be interestesd in joining our HSA team.

Thanks and have a great week!