Mrs. Danielle Frady's

Fifth Grade Class

About the Teacher

NAME: Danielle Frady

SCHOOL: St. Bartholomew

CLASS: 5-1

SCHOOL PHONE: 732-254-7105

DEGREES: MA Education

BA Psychology

Minor English


Special Education Endorsement


Teaching Philosophy

I believe that every child is a valuable member of society capable of experiencing personal growth through gaining essential knowledge and learning to respect him/herself and others. Each student is equipped with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs, which adds to the diversity of the classroom. As an educator, it is my desire and duty to ensure that students are free to reach their highest potential in all areas of personal well-being. The teacher is the role model of the learners and a vital advocate for their various needs. I intend on maintaining a pleasant, inviting, and mutually respectful learning environment that exhibits the following three components: 1) the teacher as a guide rather than simply a dispenser of knowledge, 2) the freedom for students to express their innate curiosity and desire to learn, and 3) the responsibility and respect that promotes, rather than hinders, students achievement and growth.

Mantra: ~Learn What You Live, Live What You Love~

The mission of Saint Bartholomew School is to love, educate, and inspire our children to live the teachings of Jesus Christ.