Pupil Assessment


Assessment plays an essential part in ensuring the teachers at St Nics match learning activities to the needs and ability of the children. We provide parents with termly information on their childs attainment and progress. This is also summarised in an annual report in July.

This year we hope to provide parents with access to Classroom Monitor, the school's assessment system. Once provided with a login, parents will be able to look at detailed information about attainment against the programmes of study for their age.

Information on the expectations for each year group will be sent home to parents in September 2016. A copy of the letter sent to parents accompanying their child's end of year academic report is attached below.

From September 2016, parents will also receive an 'Interim Report' in February/ March 2017 which will identify progress so far throughout the year and to identify targets for the remainder of the year.

September 2016