St Nicolas serves the population of SE Cornwall and attracts pupils from the villages of Downderry, Seaton, Hessenford and Menheniot, along with a growing number from further afield. As a school we hope to offer all those children, who wish to join us, a place in our school, including those who are not local to the school.

Each year group has a published admissions number (PAN) which serves as a guideline on the number of children we can accommodate, however this does not mean we are unable to take children if we exceed these numbers in any year group. Our current PAN is as follows:

Foundation Stage - 15 children

Year 1 - 15 children

Year 2 - 15 children

Year 3 - 15 children

Year 4 - 15 children

Year 5 - 15 children

Year 6 - 15 children

These numbers may vary from each year, due to changes in class structure.

The Admissions Process

Currently all admissions for a school place are dealt with through the Local Authority, including any in-year applications.

Once a completed application has been made, the Local Authority will contact school. The Head and School Governors will make a decision whether to accept a pupil, applying the admissions criteria (these are explained in the School's Admissions Policy) within 10 working days and parents will then be notified of whether their application for a place has been successful, with clear information explaining the reason for the decision. Parents have a right of appeal. The link below will guide parents through the appeals procedure.

Deadline dates

For applications for foundation & secondary school places.

All applications must be made through the Local Authority using the online application process. Parents can be supported in making these applications by the school.

Deadline for Year 6 pupils transferring to secondary school in September 2015 - 31st October 2014

Deadline for pre-school aged pupils transferring to primary school in September 2015 - 15th January 2015

Click the link below for further information

Admissions_Policy_2017-2018 (2).pdf
Admissions_Policy_2016-2017 (3).pdf