Golden Nuggets- What the Parent's say!

I couldn’t have picked a better school to move my children too!! There is never a day where my girls don’t come out of school without a smile on their face. They are always telling me how they’ve had such a fun day with, not just their friends, but all their teachers too..

I love how everyone is so friendly and helpful so I never feel out of place when needing to go get advice about anything!

The school is also extremely good in my eyes for the way they are very children orientated. They take a lot of their thoughts into consideration.

I really could go on with so many good thoughts..... I love this school!!

My personal view of St Nicolas is that the school has gone through some long overdue changes. The school is a warm and welcoming place for the children and also for the Parents.

I feel that communication is something that lacked in past years but Jake seems to have this down to a fine art.

I think the staff have found a real balance between fun and learning and this shines through when three of my children are not only happy but really want to go to school as they enjoy it.