RE and Collective Worship

St Martin’s C of E Church

We work closely with St Martin’s Church and benefit from the support they give us. We are fortunate to be able to hold services there on a regular basis. Children also visit the church as part of their learning. The clergy and our friends from the Church are frequent visitors to the school.

In school we aim to give the children a chance to explore spiritual and moral issues and to explore their own beliefs. We encourage the children to participate through listening to and joining in the worship offered. There is always something to think about and reflect on. In school we try to give the children a broad background to the Christian faith so that they can make a decision about it themselves when they are ready. We encourage children to think which is started in nursery with their thinking tree!

One of the ways we teach our Core Christian Values is through bible stories:

Year Group: Reception

Bible Story: Noah

Value: Thankfulness

Year Group: Year 1

Bible Story: Jonah & the Whale

Value: Trust

Year Group: Year 2

Bible Story: The creation story, Genesis Ch 1

Value: Creativity

Year Group: Year 3

Bible Story: Joseph

Value: Hope

Year Group: Year 4

Bible Story: The Prodigal Son

Value: Forgiveness

Year Group: Year 5

Bible Story: Moses

Value: Courage

Year Group: Year 6

Bible Story: The Good Samaritan

Value: Compassion

This is echoed in our mosaic in the school entrance both on the carpet and on the wall which is based on Bible stories the children learn each year at school. Knowing the stories from the Bible is an important part of our school ethos.

The children are encouraged to explore our values during learning and each class has a series of questions attached to each value to ask the children. We encourage our children to practice good manners and model this. Children who have followed our Golden Rules and our Core Christian Values have their names written in the Golden Book. These children are celebrated in front of the whole school with parents/carers/relations present.

We have a group of children called, ‘Light the Candle’ in school. This group of children, usually from Year 6, plan and take an assembly on several Mondays in the term. They are facilitated by members of other faiths such as Methodism.

Our collective worship themes which are linked to our core values are based on the weekly readings heard in church, the Anglican Lectionary, stories from the Bible, our school values and current events.

We are fortunate to have the ‘Open the Book’ team in school on a weekly basis. This amazing group of people, from different local churches, perform stories from the Bible. Several children are often invited to help them as well. The stories are brought to life as the characters dress up and use interesting props. There is always an opportunity for reflection at the end.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Our aims (as stated in our EYFS Prospectus)

  • All staff and children foster the philosophy of the school’s inclusive learning environments and use of the School’s ‘Golden Rules’ and ‘Learning Ladybird’, to ensure we develop an understanding of what we are learning and why!
  • Offer children and their parents a service that promotes equality and values diversity.
  • Develop an understanding of the Christian faith and values.
  • Promote the Christian ethos in everyday practice.
  • The EYFS pupils add to the life and well being of the school and wider community, building upon our close relationship with the Parish Church.
  • Strong transition arrangements for children entering each phase of the EYFS, ensuring their ‘Learning Readiness’ as they travel through their educational journey.

As a church school we follow the Cornwall RE syllabus, we try to give the children a broad background to the Christian faith, we also consider a range of cultures and traditions celebrated around the world. This will encourage our children to be aware of and be sensitive to cultures other than their own.

We also teach core learning skills which enable children to build their skills and capabilities to improve their learning and performance. These skills are not just in the classroom but also in everyday life. We consider these skills to be so important that some sessions will be focused exclusively on developing these skills. They will also be taught in a cross curricular way. These skills are linked to our core values:

  • Noah-Thankfulness
  • Jonah-Trust
  • Creation-Creativity
  • Joseph-Hopefulness
  • Prodigal Son-Forgiveness
  • Moses-Courage
  • The Good Samaritan- Compassion

The values are embedded throughout the school, we think about them in our teaching, learning and behaviour.