St Martin’s C of E Primary School – Uniform List

As you know wearing the correct uniform reinforces in children a sense of pride in their appearance and assists in developing pride in representing their school.

As one child said ’It tells everyone that we belong to the family of St Martin’s. As a school we are keen to ensure that every child is wearing the correct uniform so children are wearing clothes that are cost effective, safe and practical for our school environment.

Named Clothing

Please label clearly and permanently all items of clothing that belong to your child.


Grey or black/ skirt/pinafore/trousers, blue/white gingham dresses may be worn in Summer

Royal blue sweatshirt/jumper/cardigan/fleece

White shirt/polo shirt


Grey or black/ shorts/trousers

Royal blue sweatshirt/jumper/cardigan/fleece

White shirt/polo shirt


Black sensible school shoes should be worn so your child can engage safely and appropriately in a range of school activities. Ugg boots and fur trimmed boots are not acceptable. Sandals may be worn in summer provided that the foot is securely held and toes and heels protected.


Stud earrings and watches are the only acceptable jewellery to be worn.


It is important the correct PE kit should be worn to ensure safety and smartness, the required kit is blue shorts and white ‘tee shirt’. At KS1 children should have plimsolls and at KS2 trainers. If children do not have the required PE kit in school we will be phoning home. Earrings should be taken out for PE sessions or covered. Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied back for safety reasons.

School Reading Bags can be purchased from the school office.