Our Lending Library

We have a lending library at Nursery.

We invite you to borrow the books and Rhyme Time Bags to share with your child at home. The book box is kept in the foyer of the Nursery and CDC entrance.

Please use the library as often as you wish but please do not take more than two books or one bag at a time so that there are enough for everyone to share.

If you would like to borrow a book or a bag, feel free to take it home and return as soon as you have finished with it.

We are pleased that the books bags have so far been well cared for and loved, all we ask is that the resources are returned in good condition.

Thank you for your continued support.

Rhyme Time Bags

Parents and children can participate with our lovely Rhyme Time resources.

The take home bags have been designed by the Nursery Team with a view to improving our partnerships with parents and their relationships with their children alongside promoting communication skills.

Each bag is filled with different resources and activity notes to improve learning and development in the Prime Areas: Personal, social and emotional Development, Communication and language also Physical Development. Also encouraging the development of the Specific Areas: Mathematical Development, Literacy also the Expressive arts and design.

All we ask is that you take one bag home at a time and make sure you return it with all the resources in a good condition.