Family Learning Together Time

Our Family Learning Together sessions will take place every alternate Thursday afternoon from 2.30pm until 3pm.

We are really looking forward to welcoming you into our classrooms.

Here is what some of our parents have shared about our family learning together time:

"Great to join in the classroom to see what the children are learning."

"It's very interesting to see how they learn phonics."

"What a good idea for my son to learn in this way. It is really good and looks fun at the same time"

"It was great fun looking at the maths shapes with my son. He did a great job."

"Great to see lots of different activities to suit differing learning styles. Lot's of learning through exploration."

"[I] enjoy the session every time and [it] gives me ideas for me at home."

A brighter future for our children

At St Martin’s we want to have a good relationship with all our parents and families. Your co-operation and support can make a real difference to how children see themselves as learners and engage in learning.

Please have a look at the sessions and workshops we are offering at St Martin’s. If you would like anymore information please speak to your child’s class teacher.

As a team we will select one of the opportunities listed below each week.

Getting Creative

Children love to create and make lots of wonderful models and pictures. Come and join them and have fun being creative together.

Reading Together

This is an opportunity for our parents and carers to join their child in their classroom to read together.

We will share good practice– how to get the most out of your child’s reading book, developing enquiry and questioning skills and develop a love of reading.

Mega Maths

Maths in the Early Years Foundation Stage happens in many different ways.

Join in with our adult directed session to see how we encourage our youngest learners to become confident mathematicians.

Reading Cafe

Our Reading Cafe, involves parents and children choosing from a menu of books and reading them together. Parents can join the class, listen to children read, read aloud to children themselves if they feel confident to do so, and enjoy a positive collective experience.

Talk Boost

One of our Talk Boost practitioners will demonstrate how to get the most out of the Talk Boost books and activities your child may bring home.

If you really enjoy taking part in one of our sessions, please let us know!

Music Makers

Come and join us for our ‘Singing Time’. We love to sing and play our musical instruments in EYFS!

Funky Phonics

Come and watch one of the team deliver a phonics session with our EYFS children. You can choose how you would like to join in, from watching from the side lines to working with your child.

Talk for Writing

We use Pie Corbett’s ‘Talk for Writing’ as a way to encourage our children to create and share stories. We use a range of actions to help us to do this. Come and watch one of our sessions taking place, you won’t be able to stop yourself from joining in too!

Our Wonderful World

You may like to join the children when they are involved in learning through the outdoor curriculum. This could involve gardening projects or imaginative play.

One more story before bedtime

At the end of each half term we will also hold ‘Bedtime Story’ sessions. Our children and parents have the opportunity to listen to a story read by one of our EYFS team in a cosy environment with hot chocolate and your favourite teddy.

Working Together Workshops

The workshops will take place each half term.

The workshops involve a short presentation by one of the team and then an opportunity for you as parents to experience what this will look like in practice.

Our workshops will focus on:

* Early Reading

* Phonics

* Early Writing

* Maths

If you would like one of the team to focus on an area not listed above, please let us know.