Our Curriculum

Our Creative Curriculum

Ofsted registered early years providers must follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework; this includes child-minders, pre-schools, nurseries and school reception classes. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework sets the standards for learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years of age (the end of Reception). The EYFS Framework supports an integrated approach to early learning and care, it gives all professionals a set of common principles and commitments to deliver quality early education to ensure that children learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe.

Here at St. Martin’s C of E Primary School we refer to the statutory EYFS Framework alongside the non-statutory ‘Development Matters’ document, supported by the Department for Education. This ensures we provide high quality learning and developmental experiences, which are closely matched to every child’s progress and individual needs.

We use an active approach to planning in the EYFS. Although our ‘Themes’ are chosen to ensure curriculum and subject coverage throughout the EYFS, what we learn and how we learn it, comes entirely from the children’s interests and ideas. This ensures that learning is always relevant and enjoyable; it may mean we may do things a little differently! It does however ensure the same topic or idea is never repeated, as each class or group of children will take a different approach.

We believe the curriculum should encompass the children’s curiosity and experiences. The development of an active approach to learning and teaching ensures we take the needs and interests of each child. We use ‘Mind Maps’ to create questions and develop our ideas further, every question, response, artwork and photographs are included in a ‘Floor Book’. Whilst this is where some of our learning is recorded, you will also see our learning around the school, and in each child’s Learning Journey. Every child is unique, therefore their learning and discovery will be individual to them.

By planning our own Creative Curriculum, we have ensured that there is progression across the school in all the subjects. As we have some mixed age classes our curriculum map is created each year to ensure an exciting curriculum for every child. The table below identifies the themes the EYFS children will be covering this academic year. Each theme is introduced in a variety of exciting ways ignite the children’s imaginations and help to develop a line of enquiry.

As a church school we follow the Cornwall RE syllabus, we try to give the children a broad background to the Christian faith, we also consider a range of cultures and traditions celebrated around the world. Within the year there are also theme weeks and days linked to cultural festivals and national events. This will encourage our children to be aware of and be sensitive to cultures other than their own, thus forging the children’s understanding of life within modern Britain. We also plan enrichment experiences to allow children the opportunity to experience learning outside in the wider community, this may include visits from farmers, musicians, artists and authors.

We also teach core learning skills which enable children to build their skills and capabilities to improve their learning and performance. These skills are not just in the classroom but also in everyday life. We consider these skills to be so important that some sessions will be focused exclusively on developing these skills. They will also be taught in a cross curricular way. These skills are linked to our core values:

  • Noah-Thankfulness
  • Jonah-Trust
  • Creation-Creativity
  • Joseph-Hopefulness
  • Prodigal Son-Forgiveness
  • Moses-Courage
  • The Good Samaritan- Compassion

The values are embedded throughout the school, we think about them in our teaching, learning and behaviour.

Of course learning not only takes place in the Nursery or School, it continues with you at home. We have produced a range of publications offering ways to help your child learn at home, please feel free to take them home to read. We are also very aware that you as parents have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, if you feel you could offer any additional support or resources with any of the these we intend to cover this year please don’t hesitate to let us know.