Year 6 Residential

Year 6 Residential - May 2016

1st May 2016

During the week, this page will be updated (when it can) with diary entries from the children, as well as the odd entry from Miss Butterworth, Mrs Jordan and Mrs Cliffe.

Wednesday 25th May


At first, we had spaghetti for breakfast. Then we did aqua fun which was basically ball games in the swimming pool. After the awesome pool games, we did orienterring which I didn't enjoy very much. Well, it was OK actually. Next we had lunch - a jacket potato. After lunch we did the challenge course. The grass was lava so we were using crates and ladders to get across. It was terrific. Next we did something so epic - aeroball. A game where you are facing opposite someone. You have a goal and you have to bounce on the trampoline to try and score the goals. I did really well scoring 21 points. It was so much fun!!


Swimming - As I was about to jump into the pool, I was excited to play some games. First we played Sharkie and then water polo. After that we were allowed to do what we wanted so I jumped in at the deep end. It was so much fun.

Orienteering - After swimming we did orienteering which was fantastic. We had to navigate our way around the site in groups of five. My group found six places.

Challenge Course - In the challenge course we had to work together as a team to make our way around the course. We had to carry a cup of water and if we had some left, we were allowed to pour it over the instructor's head.

Aeroball - Aeroball was amazing. I was in a team with Chloe. We had to jump on a trampoline and aim for goals.


Today we did orienteering which is where you read a map and find places around the site and stampl a piece of paper. It is a bit difficult but when you get the hang of it, it slowly gets easier. Then we had lunch, a jacket potato which was nice. After lunch we did raft building. I was a little scared. You need to be strong to pull the rope. It was really difficult. When we finished building the raft, we got to sit on it and try and tip other people off.


Today we started by walking down to breakfast. I had bacon on toast. Yum! Then we all went to do aqua fun. First we all got in. We all thought it would be cold but when we went in, we found out that it was heated. The first game we played was Sharkie Sharkie. This is where you have two people pretending to be Sharkies and the rest are fish. The sharkies say, "Fishey, fishey come swim with me!" and the fish say, "Sharkie, Sharkie, you can't catch me." We try to swim past without getting caught. If you get caught, you turn into seaweed. I was quite scared that I would get caught. Next we played water polo. I liked it becasue we all worked together. Then we had some free time in the pool. I went under water!

After aqua fun, we did orienteering. My group did really well. We had to stamp a sheet. Then we did a challenge course. We had to try not to spill any water. We worked really well as a team together and at the end, Chloe S was chosen as the team member of the day. She was allowed to pour the water we had left over Beth, our instructor. It was hilarious!


In the morning I was so excited because we had aqua fun. So Chloe N, Chloe S, Lottie and I got into our swimming costumes. At first I was very scared and I refused to go in. But then I decided to go in and had lots of fun. We played pool netball and I enjoyed it. Then we got some free time in the pool. I really loved the floats.

After that, we did orienteering but we did not get all of them. After that we went to the shop. I bought a cup, a rubber and a bendy pencil. Then we had a jacked potato for lunch. After lunch we did the challenge course. Everybody worked hard as a team. And Chloe S was able to pour the water over the instructor. Also, we did aeroball. The first game was trampoline netball. I got 21 points. Then we played get the balls out of your side.

Mrs Jordan

Though the day started grey by the end of it the sun shone and so did our Yr 6's. We started with one of my anitcipated activies, Aqua Fun! The steam rose from the outdoor heated pool with the children, bobbing about with excitment, listened with readiness to the instructors Alison and Dan as they set out the fun games we had in store! The pinnacle event was water polo which saw effective teamwork to score as many goals, I won't tell you who scored the winning goal..............

The children continued to blossom as they took on orienteering with gusto and determitation, working together. Children were encouraged to take on new challeneges and surprising us with some fantastic leaderskip skills as they lead their team around the PGL site! Well done!!!

This has been my first Yr 6 residential and I am immensely proud to be part of it.

Monday 23rd May


Today I have travelled from St Martin's to my PGL trip. We arrived at 15:50 and were led to our rooms. My room number is 215. Next we settled in for half an hour in our rooms to set up for the night ahead. After that, we were shown around the place so we could see where we would be doing the activities for the week.


Today was very exciting. When I arrived at school we went into Miss Butterworth's classroom and watched a film. After breaktime we played rounders. After lunch, at 2 o' clock we got on the coach and I got a little upset as my nephew was crying but when we left, Abi cheered me up.

When we arrived and got off the coach we had to haul our bags up what seemed like thousands of stairs. When we unpacked we played a few games with a man called Will. Soon we will have dinner then get on with our evening activity, Night Trackers.

Maddie T

I woke up this morning with butterflies in my tummy. I got all the bags ready to take to school. When I arrived at school in Miss Butterworth's class room I dumped my bags in the corner and sat down. We watched Inside Out and played rounders.

At lunch, Macey, Abi, Ruth and I sat together. Soon after, we boarded the coach and got ready to leave. I sat next to Maddi D and we played many games. All I could hear was Abi shouting and people chanting.

Tuesday 24th May

Chloe N

Morning guys. I slept fairly well. Chloe S, Lottie, Charlianne and I played truth or dare. We are going mountain biking this morning. By the way, it's MJ's birthday! We have played a lot of games today in mountain biking and team games. I had a lot of fun and have been led by variety of PGL leaders. They are called: Callum, Keiron, Brenda and Ella. Our team leader is called Sophie.

We had a lot of fun with the instructors. The cycle training people encouraged me to be confident riding a bike in boggy areas, steep hills and more areas associated with Mountain biking.


So far, today has been good but tiring. This morning we woke up around 6 am and started to tidy our room - we did pretty good! For breakfast, I had sausages, toast, hashbrowns and juice. It was delicious but different to home. After breakfast, we went to the meeting point where we were greeted by Callum who we did cycling with.

After cycling, we did team games called 'Cut the Cake', 'Get the President' and Tag. That's all I can remember from those. At lunch, I looked at the menu. I was going to have a tuna baguette but they ran out of tuna and I was very disappointed but then I found out there was turkey and the other bay (bay 2) had tuna. After lunch, we did the scary stuff: trapeze and climbing... (to be continued after 'Splash' where we have to look after a water balloon...)

Miss B

The children have been absolutely amazing today and I couldn't be prouder of the example they are setting for St Martin's School. We started the day celebrating MJ's 11th birthday with balloons, party poppers and a song of Happy Birthday! Today the children were really challenged with the activities. However, no matter how scared some of these children were, they showed incredible courage, resilience and trust in the instructors. They didn't give up and as a result can say they have achieved something today. For now, the children are currently 'protecting' a water balloon from getting popped. Let's see how long this will last! We intend to add pictures when we arrive back at school so please check back on Friday evening.