Child Protection & Safeguarding Statement

Liskeard Child Development Centre

Sunshine Room

Child Protection and Safeguarding Statement

September 2017

Your child’s safety and well being is of paramount importance to us here at Liskeard Child Development Centre. All staff are trained in child protection in accordance with National Guidance under the Education Act 2002.

We follow procedures set out in the South West Child Protection Procedures (

We have a duty of care to your child and may need to make a referral to Social Care if we have a concern. We shall share this with you and work with you to support you and your child.

Our Designated Child Protection Advisor is

Mrs Melissa Sinnamon Teacher in Charge

Or in her absence please speak to St Martin’s School

Mrs Holly Bridges Acting Head of School and Safeguarding Lead

Our Children in Care Advisor is

Mrs Melissa Sinnamon Teacher in Charge

Our Designated Child Protection Governor is

Mr Trevor Pearton

Our Designated Whistle Blowing Governor is

Mr Matthew Becker