Reading Lists

At St Martin’s CE Primary we are always looking to help support our children in their learning and development. As such we have worked to collate lists of books that we recommend as reading books for each year group. The afore-mentioned texts should provide a range of themes and language to enable your child to develop a love of reading. Please do not consider these lists to be inclusive or exhaustive; books that are recommended for other year groups may also be suitable for your child.

A bank of these books will be held within each classroom and the School Library that contain as many of the recommended titles as possible for children who may not have access to these books at home. In addition to this if you happen to have any good quality copies of any of the texts that you no longer need we would be more than happy to accept any donations.

Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that all books are suitable for the appropriate age range, this cannot be explicitly guaranteed. Due to the range at which pupils develop both socially and emotionally parents may wish to check texts first to ensure that they are happy for their child to read them.

Recommended Readers

Take One Book

As a school we use Take One Book. The children read a classic book as a class on a daily basis. This enthuses the children about reading, strengthens their reading skills and designs enticing writing opportunities that make children eager to reach for their pens. The children read the characters, be the narrator etc etc.

The children develop and hone their reading skills through a deep exploration of the skills needed for comprehension. They are encouraged to ask questions that make them think deeply and are encouraged to respond in meaningful ways. The children also do Guided Reading as a group in the classroom.

Our Take One Books are:

Year 5/6

Goodnight Mr Tom

The Lion,The Witch and The Wardrobe

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase


Year 3/4

Butterfly Lion

Stig of the Dump

The Fire-work Makers Daughter

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Year 1/2

The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark

The Magic Finger

Owl Babies

The Gruffalo


Where the Wild Things Are

Handa’s Surprise