Home Learning

Your child will only spend 15% of their childhood at school – home learning is crucial to the success of every child.

Home learning will be given out weekly, usually on a Monday to be handed in on a Thursday. Therefore, allowing class teachers to mark and feedback to their pupils. The amount they will get will depend on their age, but as we prepare the children to be secondary ready this will increase naturally.

The purpose of home learning is to secure understanding further of conceptions taught in class. Therefore, allowing the class teacher to have secure assessment knowledge of whether the children have understood their learning.

  • Year 1 & 2: 60 minutes per week
  • Year 3 & 4: 90 minutes per week
  • Year 5 & 6: 30 minutes per day

This includes spelling, multiplication rehearsal and daily reading of at least 10 minutes per day.

Parent Help for Spelling

The lists below are words that your child will be learning to spell throughout their time at St Martin’s. These lists are a mixture of words that we encourage children to use in their writing and words they they can often misspell. The words run alongside other spelling objectives that we cover as part of our spelling lessons.

We would be grateful if you could support your child at home in discussing, learning to read and spelling the words from the lists relevant to their year group. Please read the ‘Helping Your Child With Spellings’ document for advice on different strategies that can be used.

Support at home

Recent research has found that from birth to sixteen years of age a child will spend 85% of their life at home and just 15% at school. In terms of impact parents have on a child’s age related learning is incredible.

Have a quick look at the impact that YOU have.