Year 6 Wonka Class

Welcome to Wonka class!

We are working hard together to become better learners and maybe earn a golden ticket!

Who are we?

Mrs Rundle - (Class Teacher)

"Mrs Rundle is a fabulicious teacher and great fun!"

Mrs Gravener - (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

"Mrs Gravener is a great HLTA but also a complete snozzberry"

Mrs Kessel (Teaching Assistant)

"Mrs Kessel is so nice and lovely, she reminds me of Mr Wonka's chocolate river'

Mrs Taylor (Teaching Assistant)

"Mrs Taylor is as jolly as the Oompa- Loompas singing their songs"

Max and Becca Y6

(with apologies to Roald Dahl)


Homework is given out every Friday and is due back in on the following Wednesday. Each child will receive one piece of English homework and one piece of Maths. All children have the opportunity to attend Homework club with their class teacher on a Tuesday lunchtime, where they will be given extra support if they need it.

In addition to their homework, children will also receive a list of spellings every Monday. We will work on these words during the week at school but they will also need to learn them at home in preparation for a test every Friday.


In year 6 your child is heard to read in a guided reading session at least three times a week. These are focused reading sessions led by an adult which teach children the skills they require to become confident and fluent readers.

Children are also taught to use the skills of inference and deduction and to answer targeted comprehension questions. some examples of the types of questions they will be asked are given in the document below. Children should also be reading at home for 20 minutes a night. This could be reading to an adult or to themselves but discussing your child's book with them will help them to make better progress.


P.E normally takes place on a Tuesday and Friday. As the Cornish weather is so unpredictable please can you ensure your child has P.E kit in school every day.

Topic - Autumn 1 A Place to be Me

Our topic this half term is entitled a place to be me and focuses on developing children's sense of belonging.


In English we are writing diary extracts and explanations. Our class book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl and we are studying the poem 'If' by Rudyard Kipling. In our writing we are focusing on more complex aspects of punctuation and sentence structure.


In Maths we are expanding our knowledge of place value to include numbers up to 10 000 000. We will be learning to use long multiplication and long division and exploring negative numbers in real life situations.


In Science we will be finding out about how to keep our bodies and minds healthy by eating a variety of different foods. We will explore how our bodies respond to exercise and how our hearts and circulatory system work.


By studying photographs of children's bedrooms around the world we will explore how children's homes differ in other countries. We will create facts files of the different countries and explore traditional foods and culture.

Art and design

We will study Van Gogh's painting 'Bedroom at Arles' and create our own versions of the painting using oil pastels.

We will use this work to help us create 3D bedrooms of our own design from shoeboxes.


We will be carrying out a project on the parable of 'The Foolish Father' and exploring the Christian value of forgiveness. We will also find out about places where Christians belong and how these affect their lives.


This term we will use computers to research our projects and to produce electronic documents to show our learning and understanding.


In French we will learn to talk about ourselves and about our likes and dislikes.


In P.E. we will be improving our football skills.

Personal, Health and Social Education

We will be exploring the importance of having somewhere safe to go and somewhere where we can be oursleves. We will also be learning about British values such as Democracy by voting for our school council memebrs and our Prefects and Head Boy and Girl.