Year 5/6 BFG Class

Welcome to BFG Class.

Who's Who?

Here's what the children had to say about us...(and we didn't pay them a penny!)

Mr Riggs - Class Teacher

"Mr Riggs is one of the best teachers in the school. He tries hard to make our learning fun because Mr Riggs believes if learning is fun, you can achieve more and want to do more. Mr Riggs is very fair and he makes sure that everyone has had a go, especially in P.E. so that you have the opportunity to do everything. He is very caring and kind, caring for everyone and by making everything very, very fair". Jonny

Mrs Jackson - HLTA

"Mrs Jackson is a kind and helpful HLTA. She is always looking to help other people. Mrs Jackson is willing and hard-working and always happy to come to school and be the best that she can be. Mrs Jackson is lovely and my favourite TA to work with". Tia

Mrs Chisholm -1:1 TA (Monday and Thursday)

"Mrs Chisholm is kind and caring, she works hard and also runs a peaceful colouring club, which I happen to go to. She is jolly, pretty and very respectful. I like Mrs Chisholm, although she leaves at noon, she always tries her best". Kara

A very warm welcome to BFG Class. We are a mixed class of Year 5 and Year 6 children. We are very much looking forward to a busy year full of fun, friends and lots of learning.

If at any time, you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to come and speak to us.

Autumn Term 1

Our topic this term is: Where do I belong - Our Place in Space

This is what we will be learning about this term:

In our D.T lessons we will be learning to:

· Research the history of rockets, looking at their design.

· Design and build our own rockets based upon set criteria.

· Evaluate our designs thinking about their effectiveness.

In our Science lessons we will be learning to:

· Compare the planets in our solar system looking at their location and size.

· Take measurements of the size of the sun using our own scientific equipment.

· Find out about the length of the day and why we have day and night.

· Discover the phases of the moon.

· Identify why we have shadows and how these are formed.

· Find out about the different rock types and compare them.

In our Art lessons we will be:

· Finding out about different artistic mediums of space.

· Designing and creating our own Nebula watercolour.

· Creating sculptures of the planets using paper machè

In our History lessons we will be:

· Finding out about the moon landings.

· Research Ancient Astronomers from the past.

In our P.E. lessons we will be:

· Working with coaches from Plymouth Argyle in our Football sessions.

· Creating our own space inspired dance routines.

In our R.E. sessions we will be:

· Learning about the Christianity Creation Story from the bible.

· Taking part in collective worship each day.


Our topics this term will include:

  • Recounts
  • Information Texts
  • Narrative Poetry

We encourage the children to try and explore these texts in their general reading as much as possible. Each day, the children go into Reading Circles, focusing on; Reading Comprehension; Guided Reading (with an adult); Spelling Practise or Independent Reading. As part of their weekly homework requirements, we expect the children to be reading at home daily. Please find below some questions to support hearing your child read at home.


In our Maths learning this term we will be looking at:

  • Place Value
  • Rounding
  • Roman Numerals
  • Using all Four Operations

The children are tested each week on a specific times table. Please spend some time with your child practising these at home where possible.

Useful websites

Active Learn Maths If you are unsure of your login, please speak to your teacher.

Prodigy Maths The children have been given a login to use this resource at home.

BBC Bitesize KS2 page Revision materials

P.E. Kits must be in school at all times please.

All items should be named. Our scheduled P.E. sessions are currently on a Wednesday and Thursday.


Weekly homework consists of an English and Maths activity, building upon the learning we have completed in class that week. Spellings are sent home for the children to learn, which are then tested on a Friday. We use the process of - Look - Cover - Write - Check.

Homework is set on a Friday and due in the following Wednesday.