Year 5 Danny Champion Class

Welcome to Danny Champion Class

Welcome to our class page, we are Danny Champion Class and we're in Year 5!

Who will you find in Danny Champion Class?

Mrs Queen - Class Teacher

Mrs Skuse - Teaching Assistant

Mr Insley - 1:1 Teaching Assistant


Activity 1 - Speed Spelling

Give your child their spelling list. Get them to write the first spelling and then time 30 seconds on the clock. They need to write that word as many times as they can in 30 seconds. Move on to the next word and repeat. When they have finished all of their spellings, get them to mark what they have written. Have they spelt every word correctly? Can they identify where they may have made any mistakes?

Activity 2 - Flash Spelling

Show your child their spelling words one at a time. Give them five seconds to study the word. Hide it and get them to write the word down. Once finished, get them to mark their spellings.

Activity 3 - Spiral Spelling

Draw a spiral. Starting from the middle, your child needs to write their spellings around the spiral.

Activity 4 - Spelling Story

Write a short story using all of your spellings. Underline/highlight where you have used those spellings.

Activity 5 - Word Search

Create a wordsearch with your spellings in them.

Activity 6 - Dice Spellings

You will need a dice.

1 = Write your word in a sentence

2 = Rainbow write the word (each letter a different colour)

3 = Draw a picture of your word

4 = Write the word with your opposite hand

5 = Write the word with both eyes closed

6 = Write the word upside down

You can also make up your own tasks for each number of the dice.

Useful Websites:

Woodlands website - this school website has fantastic online, interactive learning resources to help develop children's understanding of different topics.

Missing co-ordinates - use this website to revise how to find missing co-ordinates on a grid.

Couch to 5K challenge - Maybe you would like to join in with our class challenge too!

Building Blocks Website - this fantastic method of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division will help children's understanding of word problems using the four calculations.

BBC Bitesize Revision - fantastic interactive revision website.

Maths Frame - great maths games for KS2

Education Quizzes - this website tests the children's knowledge on different aspects of their learning.

Nrich Website - excellent website with a variety of mastery questions and games.

Top Marks Websites - Times table activities