Jemima Puddle Duck Class

Welcome to the Nursery

We are the Jemima Puddle Duck Class

For more information and details about our Nursery, please see the EYFS page.

The Nursery Team is:

Miss Ruth Miller- Teacher

Mrs Niki Hugh - Nursery Nurse

Miss Emily Collins - Teaching Assistant

Celebrating Harvest

Thank You Farmer Phil for coming in to share your experience of working on a farm during Harvest time.

Following our Harvest assembly this morning, we were all able to sit on Phil's quad bike. He uses this to get around quickly on his farm.

We thought it was great fun!

Thank You to all our parents and carers for all your kind donations to the Food Bank.

We would like to invite our parents and carers to join us for our 'Family Learning Time' every Thursday afternoon from 2.30- 3pm.

The Brighter Smiles Tooth Brushing Club

The Nursery children have joined 'The Brighter Smiles Tooth Brushing Club'this means we will all be brushing our teeth in Nursery every day!

We have found a great song to help remind the children how to brush carefully for 2 minutes, you could use the song at home too. Please encourage your child to brush their teeth at home twice a day!

The Nursery Team have been trained to support your child in developing good oral hygiene.

For more information please speak to one of the Nursery Team.

Happy Brushing!

Click on the Brush Bus below to open the link and join in with the song!

This term our topic is called 'Let's Celebrate...Me'

Just look at what we have explored already!

"What can I see when I look in the mirror?

"I can see myself."

"I have blue eyes."

We looked really carefully in a mirror before creating our self portraits.

We decided to create our own Beauty Salon in the Nursery.

"Would you like your nails painted?"

"Can I have blue?"

"How many times should we brush our teeth in one day?"

We had a visit from the 'Brush Club' team this week.

Jenna and Dylan the Dragon showed us how to brush our teeth correctly.

Jenna also told us about the food that is good for our teeth and the foods that we need to have as a treat.

If you would like more information, please visit their website: http://smiletogether.co.uk/services/brighter-smiles/

Term Overviews


As a school we embrace the Thrive Approach. We have completed a whole class screening assessment and are focusing on the aspect of 'Thinking'.

This is our plan for the Nursery over the next few weeks.

The developmental experience we will explore is: Expressing a view - Learning about cause and effect - Feeling, Thinking and Problem solving.

Our chosen learning target to work on is: To able to think about and express a range of feelings, including happy, sad, scared, angry (Expressing a view).

Our chosen Strategy is: To encourage talk about sensations, feelings and needs. To build up emotional vocabulary.

Our chosen activities for this plan are:

* To provide a range of objects and ask the child to choose one and say why they like it .

* To invite young person or child to tell you about their favourite things or most exciting experience and explore what they may be experiencing e.g. 'you might feel frightened and shaky or your tummy could be hurting'.

* To use puppets to give voice to different views and opinions or to play out different possibilities in a situation offered by the child (or linked to their experience).