Swans Class

Welcome to Swans Class – Key Stage 2 at Quethiock

What we've been up to

Songfest practice with Angela Renshaw

A really successful season for the netball team!

In PE, we have been doing capoeira and practicing our samba carnival moves as part of our topic on Brazil.

In Maths, we have been measuring in millimetres and converting to centimetres or even metres. We needed to divide by ten or by a thousand to get our answers. We measured hand and foot spans and then tried other measurements - everything from heads to glue sticks to waists!

In Science, we have been learning about the properties of materials and the difference between solutions and mixtures! We enjoyed separating mixtures. We had a mixture of rice, flour and pasta. We used different sieves (filtration) to separate rice and flour. We then separated out the pasta by using our hands.

We also investigated the science of chromotography, a process that could be used to analyse the ink in a pen, for instance. Black pen ink may look the same, but it will separate into different colours and patterns on a strip of filter paper when water is added. This could be used to catch a criminal who has written with that pen!

The pupils in Swan Class thoroughly enjoyed their weekly gymnastics sessions with their coach Paula. They worked extremely hard to produce gymnastic sequences which included these conter balances with tension.

Footsteps Through Time!

Last term Swan Class explored our local history. We visited Caradon Hill to find out about tin mining, looked at maps of the area and acted out a dance drama called ‘A Miner’s Day’.

We dressed up and our family and friends loved it!