Swallows Class

Welcome to Swallows Class – Key Stage 1 at Quethiock

Some things we've done in Swallows Class

We practised our weaving skills to make baskets for our Easter cards.

We cooked a Burn's Night feast of haggis, neaps and tatties. They were delicious!

We cooked a delicious Burn's Night feast of haggis, neaps and tatties. We also learnt how the ingredients change when they are cooked.

We had to problem solve to find out the different amounts of money that a person could have with only five coins in their pocket.

We worked as a team to make a zip wire in our cool learning time.

We have been studying the topic of Bears and as part of our learning, we visited the Animals Asia Foundation and took our teddy bears on a picnic in the woods.

Swallow Class entries were very sucessful at the Liskeard Show this year!

The Great Fire of London

The children in Swallows Class visited the Fire Station in Liskeard as part of their history topic. They were comparing how fires are put out now and how they were put out during the Great Fire of London.

Mr Wallbutton explained how the firemen know where to go to put out a fire, what they wear and about the equipment that is carried in the fire engine.

We used a hose to squirt water just like the firemen do.

We have been studying ‘The Great Fire of London’ for our history topic. The topic culminated in the burning of the houses that we created to represent Pudding Lane. This gave us a deeper understanding of what it would have been like for the people of London in 1666 who watched their own houses burning.

We studied the 'Fire Cat' by Pippa Goodhart to link our literacy topic to the Great Fire of London and learnt a text about John loosing his cat, Sammy, during the fire.

What do you think of our story map below?


As part of their Religious Education topic on ‘What is a Church? the Revd. Margot Davies came into school to talk to the children in Swallows Class about her role as the Vicar of St. Hugh’s Church. She showed us the different coloured stoles that she wears and explained what the ‘pictures’ on them meant. She also talked about the Bible, hymn books and explained that the Church was a place where Christians can meet. We then walked down to the Church and learn about the pictures on the stained glass windows, the font, the pulpit, the altar table and many more interesting artefacts.