Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

From September 2014 schools in England have introduced a new National Curriculum. Academy schools have some flexibility about which aspects they choose to adopt. At Millbrook, we believe in a broad and balanced curriculum, which builds skills and knowledge progressively at each stage of learning. We have adopted a thematic approach to learning, where classes learn through a whole school ‘umbrella’ topic each term. We encourage our learners to participate in planning these topics, enabling us to personalise learning to their interests and enabling them to follow their own lines of enquiry. Each teacher publishes a curriculum map for the term ahead, outlining the areas to be covered by the topic. These can be found on the class pages of the website and are sent home to enable us to share with parents the learning journey their children will undertake across the term.

If you would like further information about our curriculum provision please contact the head of school or a member of the teaching staff.

Please have a look at the documents below to learn more about our curriculum.

Phonics & Reading in the EYFS and at KS1

From their first day in school our pupils are taught to read using a synthetic phonics approach. Synthetic phonics is a way of teaching reading. Children are taught to read letters or groups of letters by saying the sound(s) they represent. Children can then start to read words by blending (synthesising) the sounds together to make a word. This daily programme starts with the listening to and saying of sounds, before moving on to the reading and writing of them. We use resources from the Read Write Inc Phonics Program, supported by a combination or other materials and resources.

Read Write Inc information for parents can be found at:


All our children are expected to practise reading daily at home. This enables them to confidently apply their phonic knowledge when decoding new words in reading and to develop a growing understanding of what they have read. All our reading books are banded according to different reading levels. We use a number of different schemes, including Oxford Tree Tops, Fireflies, Read Write Inc., Collins Big Cat and Jelly & Bean.