Maths in School

Maths Mastery at Braddock School 2016/17

Maths is taught across the school with an emphasis on the Mastery approach to learning. The children are taught the basic key concepts of place value and number recognition over a longer period of time.

At the very beginning the children are taught to reason and learn much of their maths through a 'talk' approach and in picture form – (Pie Corbett style). This builds fluency and depth.

For example....

  • What’s the story?
  • What’s the question?
  • What’s the number sentence?

We have also introduced highly effective models (which have proved very popular with children) for example the part, part whole and bar model.

Visualisation is key, and therefore highly practical maths is taught, where possible, to reinforce key learning concepts of abstract, pictorial and conceptual learning.

Every Friday we have a lesson devoted to problem solving with a mastery approach. Children's feedback regarding these lessons has been overwhelmingly positive in each class.

Here at Braddock, we have been selected to by the National Centre of Excellence in Teaching Mathematics, to attend their Cohort 2 training programme for Maths Mastery Specialist Teaching.

We are therefore leaders in this field and will have 6 local schools visiting our classrooms to find out more about how we teach, plan, assess and deliver the mastery approach..

We are using a new mastery calculation policy, a mastery planning and assessment tool to support teachers, as well as using high quality text books, 'Maths No Problem' to challenge the children.