R.E. & Collective Worship

Our Junior Worship Team lead collective worship every week

Our school Junior Worship Teams lead the collective worship every Thursday morning for the whole school. Each Team takes it in turns to lead the assemblies. The children of the Junior Worship Teams are very enthusastic about leading the collective worship assemblies and they meet every week, in their break times, to practise and prepare for the assemblies.

Our Junior Worship Teams

Below, one group from the Junior Worship Team are leading an assembly. The assembly is focusing on the benefits of sharing and of working in groups.

Group One leading assembly.

Braddock's Junior Worship Teams are still extrememly busy preparing and sharing all of their lovely lessons, stories and prayers with the school during Collective Worship. Below are a few pictures showing the Junior Worship Team in action!

On Wednesday 29th June the Junior Worship Team led Collective Worship. Mrs Simpson and some of our school Directors took part and helped out. During this Collective Worship there were lots of discussions and interactions from the rest of the school. We discussed how people see different sides to a conflict.

Junior Worship team leading Collective Worship.

Junior Worship Team (2016-2017)

A big welcome to our new Junior Worship Team. We are very excited for you to lead our collective worship once a week, we know that you will work hard and support others in following the school Christian values.

Collective Worship

We were delighted to be joined by Mrs Husk who led our lovely Harvest assembly on 1st October 2015. We learnt about what Harvest was and why we celebrate Harvest each year. Mrs Husk showed us the many different words that can be formed from the word 'Harvest', such as, 'share', 'have' and 'heart'.

On the 1st October 2015 Braddock children, staff and parents congregated at Braddock Chrurch for a colourful Harvest Festival.

Cherry Class shared a beautiful song called 'The Little Seed', Elm Class performed a creative story focused around Talk for Writing named 'Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose, Willow Class read a lovely prayer and shared facts about food banks and Harvest, which they wrote as a class and Oak Class shared crative lines from their autumn poems which showed the amazing vocabalary they are using in class.

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us at Braddock Church to celebrate Harvest.

Every week during Collective Worship we focus on learning and discussing the Core Christian Values. During our time in Collective Worship we discuss the meanings of each of the values as well as how we can show that we are using the values in our day to day lives. We have time to ask questions that we may have about the values, in small groups. Afterwards, we reunite as a school and reflect on our discussions.

Braddock's Easter Service at Connon Chapel.

This year we have had a beautiful Easter service at Connon Chapel. All of the classes shared creative Easter songs, poems and prayers which were created in school.

After our Easter service all of the children, parents and staff enjoyed Easter eggs and refreshment which were kindly organised by the church community.


Mrs Kemp led an inspiring Collective Worship focused on Spirituality and we learnt the definition of what Spirituality is. During Collective worship we also discussed where we feel spiritual.

Harvest Festival - October 2016

This year we held our beautiful Harvest Festival at Braddock Church. Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Harvest Festival, it was a lovely occasion for the children who shared Harvest stories, poems and prayers. We were also delighted to have the Braddock school choir on stage, who helped to lead the song. Thank you also for your kind donations of food which were sent to the local food bank!

Christingle Service - Tuesday 13th December.

The whole school took part in a Christingle service at Boconnoc Church. Each class performed either songs, poems, prayers or explained 'What they like about Christmas'.

On Tuesday morning the children made Christingles, in church Reverend Paul explained the meaning of the Christingle, with help from the congregation.