SEN Policy and Information Report

What/who is this for?

This document below outlines everything you need to know about supporting SEN pupils at Braddock. It is useful for parents, pupils and people who would like to know what we do to create unique possibilities for ALL of our pupils, including those with SEN.

What is SEN?

A Special Educational Need is when a pupil finds something harder than other children that are the same age or when a pupil has a disability that might make it hard to use the resources in the school. Difficulties could be: communication, learning, emotional or physical. This means that teachers have to think carefully about what each pupil needs to succeed and progress.


All the teachers in the school are teachers of children with Special Educational Needs.

Important Information

The person co-ordinating the provision of education for pupils with special educational needs is Miss Rebecca Harris (SENDCO/Head of School). Miss Harris is also a lead SENDCo in the St Barnabas MAT and leads MAT network meetings. Miss Rebecca Harris is the ‘responsible person’ for SEND at Braddock.

Our teachers and teaching assistants work together to co-ordinate interventions for SEN pupils such as precision teach, phonics support, reading support and letter formation. .

Miss Harris and Mrs Kemp are trained thrive practitioners and co-ordinate 1:1 with and small group work for some pupils with emotional needs as well and carry out assessments to support this program.