January 2017

Presley the Polar Bear

30th January 2017

The Children in Elm Class had a Frozen Explorer wow day! A polar bear broke into Elm Class and left lots of exciting activities for them! They baked blizzard cookies, made slush puppies, built igloos, watched Presley the Polar Bear and made glitter dough snowmen.

Ernest Shackleton

25th January 2017

The children in Elm Class have been learning about Ernest Shackleton and using that knowledge to create a 'hot seat/ interview' Ernest himself. They had a wonderful time and learnt so much about Arctic Explorers.

Y3 &Y4 Multi Skills

15th January 2017

Willow Class had a fantastic morning at Liskeard School. They had great fun learning new skills in both basket ball and netball.

Hula Hoops

5th January 2017

Willow and Oak had a really fun and energetic afternoon when they had the opportunity to learn how to hula hoop to music.


3rd January 2017

Cherry and Elm Class had a marvelous afternoon dancing with a specialist dance teacher. They had so much fun and learnt lots of new dance moves linked to their topic Ernest Shackleton. Thank you Mrs Day!