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Please find below lots of information, recounts and pictures showing what we have been up to at Braddock! You can also see more on some of our other website pages - Maths, Sports, RE & Collective Worship and our Safeguarding Pages. Please also visit our class pages: Cherry, Elm, Willow and Oak.


Spring 2018

February 2018

Zero Gravity – Oak and Willow

This was such an enjoyable and fun-filled afternoon for all! We were all able to experience using the wonderful facilities and learn lots of new skills as well as test our nerve.

The children were really inspired and desperately want another visit.

Cherry Class Launching Rockets

We have been learning about Space and our planet. Linked to this we made Rockets with Mr Adams. They were amazing and went really far! It was very exciting!

Willow Class Topic Homework – Extreme Earth.

Well done to all of Willow Class for creating fantastic pieces of topic homework! We had a wide range of homework handed in including: volcano models, tornados in a tube, beautiful pictures, fact books, informative power points as well as many more creative ideas. You have worked so hard! Well done to all of the class as well as all of Willow Class’ parents / grandparents and other relatives, we really appreciate all of the hard work that goes into the homework.

Elm Class Celebrates Diwali

Elm Class had a fantastic afternoon learning about Diwali. They did some brilliant pieces of writing and thoroughly enjoyed making a Diwali Lamp. Please ask them about the lamps, Rama and Sita and the Goddess. A big THANK YOU to those that donated jars, without you they couldn’t have made the lamps! Please come into class and have a look!

Topic Homework

Mrs Enever and Miss Haworth had what they thought was a quiet conversation about potentially doing some topic homework with Elm. Erin took it upon herself to complete some topic homework. She made some amazing weather cupcakes! They tasted and looked incredible and it was just fantastic that she was inspired to complete some wonderful homework. If the children in Elm Class would like to complete some topic homework linked to our ‘Paddington Bear Explores Extreme Earth’ topic, then please do.

January 2018

National Handwriting Day

In January children had the opportunity to take part in Braddock Schools National Handwriting Day Competition. The children chose their favourite pieces of writing and copied them up in their very best handwriting. The teachers judged and awarded each year group a winner! The winners got their work displayed on the projector to everyone in our Collective Worship. You can see the children’s world on our new display ‘Braddock’s Proud Work!’ or online – please come and have a look or use your mobile device to click on the QR code.

Autumn Term 2017

December 2017

Christmas Craft Evening

A lovely evening had by all, we hope you enjoyed it and it got you in the Christmas mood. A big WELL DONE to Lili, Tommy and our School Choir for performing and keeping us entertained. We hope you like all your Christmas crafts you made, decorated and wrapped! Also a big THANK YOU to the Friends of Braddock for their delicious refreshments.

Christmas Lunch

The children thoroughly enjoyed wearing their Christmas jumpers, eating roast turkey and Christmas pudding! It was a lovely lunch filled with lots of giggles and singing to Christmas music, whilst staff waited on the children :)!

Elm, Willow and Oak Ice Skating at Eden

Wow what a fantastic trip we had! The children had so much fun and what an incredible experience. It was a great way to start off Christmas and enjoy a new sport all at the same time. Elm loved playing on the ice, quote "Miss Haworth this is awesome!" from one of the children. Willow and Oak thoroughly enjoyed getting their skates on and gliding across the ice, quote "this is the best!" from a child in KS2. The children were exceptionally behaved and a wonderful day was had by all.

A big THANK YOU to our parent helpers on the day! We greatly appreciated your time!

November 2017


Learning in Elm Class

Elm have had an extremely busy week learning! They have used sparklers in their English writing to enhance their poetry writing, made Remembrance Poppies (thank you for the donations of newspaper) and written some beautiful thankfulness prayers.

Elm’s Poetry Writing

Elm class have been really busy writing poetry this week. They have all been digging out pumpkins, scavenger hunting and getting really creative. They have thought of some wonderful adjectives, powerful verbs, similes and adverbs to use in their writing! The children have written some extremely wonderful poems – please ask them about it!

October 2017

Pendennis Castle Trip

First of all we would like to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to our wonderful parent helpers Miss Roberts and Mrs Edwardes for their time and help on our trip on Monday. It is greatly appreciated. We all had such a lovely time and learnt so much to enrich and excite our children, from firing the cannon, to exploring the castle, to dressing up in Tudor clothes-what fun we had! We are looking forward to more trips towards Christmas!

Mrs Bruce’s Baby

Mrs Bruce popped in to see us all on Thursday with her beautiful baby girl, Isabelle Darcy! The children were all thrilled to see both Mrs Bruce and meet Isabella. We had lovely cuddles and a catch up!

Liskeard Secondary School Masterclasses

Thank you to Liskeard School for offering some of our Year 6 children a wonderful opportunity to learn about poetry and different writing techniques. The children had a lovely time and learnt lots.

Oak’s Visit to Liskeard Fire Station – Junior Life Skills

Last week the children in Oak Class had lots of fun taking part in many workshops linked to ‘keeping safe’ in a variety of contexts. As well as being informative, it was also hands on and fun!

Library Prizes

The lovely Tracey from Liskeard Library came to see us on Thursday to give out some certificates for those children that had completed the summer reading challenge. Well done to those children, and we hope to have even more next year!

September 2017

Fun in Cherry Class!

We’ve had a great week learning about our bodies and what we can do. We learnt a great story which we are going to share at the Harvest festival. We also made Pizza faces!

Chit-chat and coffee…or tea if you prefer

Thank you to all who came to the Chit-Chat and Coffee session on Wednesday afternoon, we hope you enjoyed it and gave you lots of information about the coming term and academic year. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Our classroom doors are always open before or after school

Mrs Bruce

As you are aware, Mrs Bruce is due to have her baby very soon! During assembly we made a real fuss of Mrs Bruce and gave her lots of gifts for herself, her family and of course the baby! We wish her lots of love and very much look forward to meeting the new addition to the family.

September 2017: First week back!

Welcome back to a brand new school year! It has been wonderful to see all of the smiling faces of the pupils (and parents!) as we all return to school this week. Every classroom has been buzzing with excitement and full of wonderful learning and adventures. Have a look at our pictures below…


Cherry class have had a great week – with lots of learning about ourselves. We have explored how our bodies move, what we can do with our hands and have been making new and old friends. We are looking forward to the term together learning about our families and pets. A little reminder about family reading in the morning in Cherry class. You are encouraged to stay and read with your child for 15 minutes. Also could you label all your child’s clothes to minimise any lost uniform. We will be starting Forest School very soon which will be on a Friday. A separate letter will be going out about Forest School in the next week or so. If you have any concerns or queries please don’t hesitate to come in to Cherry class and speak to Mrs Kemp.


The NEW Elm class have had a fantastic week settling in. They have all thoroughly enjoyed their week and have worked really hard as a team to create a fantastic class castle for their new topic ‘Castles’. They cannot wait to use it for quiet reading time. They are really looking forward to starting their new timetable next week, P.E and Science seems to be favourites they can’t wait!


Willow Class are a delight! They have all settled into our new classroom and have had great fun making the classroom their own with their creative art work. We have had a busy week writing about our fabulous summer holidays as well as starting to learn about our new topic of ‘Kings and Queens’.


The children have enjoyed an exciting first week back; I have been really impressed with their positive attitudes and how well they have all settled in. We have thrown ourselves into our new topic (The Tudors), with the children creating some magnificent portraits of the Tudor dynasty. In addition, we have learnt about William Shakespeare and had fun experimenting with the old language, we have even created our own insult generator!


Summer Term 2016-2017

July 2017

Leaver’s Assembly

Thank you to all who attended our Year 6 leaver’s service yesterday. Lots of awards this year were given to many of our children across the school. We wish all the luck in the world to our wonderful Year 6 children who leave us today. They have many special memories from their time at Braddock School to take with them on their next adventure.

Buddies day in Cherry class!

This week Cherry class met their new year 5 (soon to be year 6!) buddies. They spent the day together playing and learning.

Jenna’s Hair!

Many of you kindly donated to Jenna’s fundraising bucket at the fayre, helping her to raise an extra £18.86 for her charity – bringing her grand total to around £985.36 (close to her target of £1000!), which will be going towards the Gift Aid for Families of Ocean Ward. Following the Summer Fayre she went to have her hair cut and it is now in the post to The Little Princess Trust.

Elm’s Last Week

Elm has had a fantastic last week! They have been popping balloons to find out each activity. Just some activities they have done are baking, outdoor games, Wild Tribe where they made pizzas and cooked them on the fire and toasted marshmallows, Awards Ceremony and getting creative with art! What a great week it has been, with lots of laughter and fun! Miss Haworth is so proud of you!

Tres Bien!

Well done to these children from Oak and Willow who received their French certificates from Mr Stephen!

Reading Challenge Awards

A huge well done and thank you to all of the children that took part in the reading challenge, it was a great success and so lovely to see so many children receiving awards!

Sports day – Lots of thanks!

What a wonderful day sports day was! The sun was shining, the children were ready and a wonderful day was had by all. On behalf of the school staff I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came along to support the day. Your cheers and support made for a great atmosphere. Thanks also if you brought a cream tea from the Friends of Braddock – they raised £66 in total. I’d also like to say thank you to all of the staff and Mrs Smith for all of the time and effort that went into organising the events. There will be lots of photos and reports from the day in the newsletter next week. Miss Harris

Science in Elm

The children in Elm class have spent the last half term learning about plants. They have looked how they grow, the lifecycles, parts of a plant, the needs of a plant for it to grow healthy and even planted their own bean or sunflower to watch it go through the parts of its lifecycle. The children will be bringing these home next week to watch the next part of its lifecycle and hopefully grow some tasty beans or a beautiful sunflower.


All classes thoroughly enjoyed their transition day in their new classes. Cherry class enjoyed a superhero party! Elm class had a super fun day playing team games, painting and getting to know each other. Willow and Oak had a wonderful afternoon lighting fires, making hot chocolate and eating marshmallows.

Willow Topic Homework

Well done to all of Willow Class for designing and creating such fabulous topic homework! We are very impressed with the range of work handed in, such as; Roman Numeral clocks, fashionable roman clothing, tasty bread, model colosseums as well as many other fantastic pieces!

Car wash

As part of our year 6 enterprise scheme, our wonderful year 6 girls organised a car wash for staff and parents on Monday. As well as having lots of fun and getting wet, there were lots of happy customers with very shiny cars! The girls raised £40.00 – fantastic!

Tree planting fun in Cherry class!

Cherry class enjoyed a tree party, planting trees, climbing trees and having a picnic. This was inspired by the story we shared by Dr Seuss "The Lorax" - the children wanted to help our planet.

June 2017

Fundraising for MNDA

Thank you to everyone who contributed yesterday to raising funds for the MNDA charity. The children had a lovely day! We raised £91.60.

Science in Oak class

Oak Class had fun in science this week when they looked at changing states of liquids, gases and solids. The children completed several fun, memorable experiments.


On Thursday afternoon, the children in Elm Class flew to Africa – Kenya. The children are learning about Kenya in Geography and quite fancied a trip! So they have been very busy planning their journey! They have been making passports and creating boarding passes. They had lots of fun flying with Kenya Airways on their Boeing-747. They had pilots, cabin crew, a take off and a landing. Don’t forget to ask them what they saw and what they know!

Non Uniform Day for MNDA

On Thursday 29th June we will be holding a fundraising day for MNDA (Motor Neurone Disease Association). We will be holding a mufti day in exchange for donations of £1 or whatever you can give. The theme of the event is 'Silence Speaks' which we will be exploring in a special assembly led by Mrs Kemp. We will try hard to explore them further throughout the day as well. Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is a disease that attacks the nerves which control the muscles in our bodies, mainly effecting the legs, arms, mouth and throat. This means that people with MND can find it hard to walk and talk - 80% of people living with MND have difficulty speaking. The money we raise will be donated to the MNDA charity, who provide support in many ways e.g. £25 runs the MND support and information line for an hour, £65 provides a mobile spelling chart for people who find it difficult to communicate and £250 funds a young person's support grant. Our aim in supporting this event is to raise awareness and funds for a very worthwhile cause. Thanks in advance for your support.

Poetry Day

Cherry class spent some of their morning outside creating spoken poems about what we saw and found in the sensory garden. They developed their vocabulary and describing skills

Poetry Picnic

Today Oak and Willow Class were joined by other children within the MAT to participate in a Poetry Picnic. The children had great fun reciting some of their favourite poems, using a range of actions as well as tones within their voices. After listening to the beautiful poetry we then all thoroughly enjoyed our picnic! Well done to all of the children who shared and performed their lovely poems!

Hot Weather

The children have had a very tiring hot week. The children in Elm class spent a part of the afternoon cooling down their feet in a paddling pool and enjoying their core learning skills lesson. Just a reminder, when we have hot weather, all children must have sun cream applied before school, a sun hat, labelled bottle of sun cream and plenty of water to drink! A lot of children were coming to school with no sun cream or sun hats!

Painting Competition

Mrs Enever kindly wrote the children in Elm Class a very special story called The Golden Castle, it is linked to thrive and core learning skills and it is brilliant! Mrs Enever didn’t have a book cover, so the children in Elm took part in a competition to create her one.

Termly Learning Conferences

Thank you to all those parents who were able to attend our Termly Learning Conferences on Wednesday this week. The children enjoyed showing off their wonderful work and it was lovely to have so many people visiting to see a busy school day in action!

Wild Tribe

Miss Haworth and Miss Weale attended a Wild Tribe course on Monday to learn how to support children learning in the outdoors. They made fires and learnt how the outside space can be used to create a creative curriculum for the children.

Plymouth Aquarium

Cherry Reception children had a wonderful day under the sea at Plymouth Aquarium. Exploring and learning about what lives in our waters. They saw sharks, sea horses, turtles, jelly fish, puffer fish and Mrs Bridges' favourite Cuttle fish plus many more. The children engaged in a range of talks about the different underwater creatures and their habitats. The children learnt lots about this topic in preparation for their summer terms' learning. The children were a real asset to the school and behaved remarkably. Mrs Kemp, Mandy and Mrs Brenton were very proud!

May 2017

Barton Hall

The children in Oak class have been to Barton hall the later part of the week and what an amazing three days they’ve had! Glorious weather, raft building, quad biking and water fights to name a few! Thank you to Mrs Smith and Mr Stephen for your time and hard work into giving the Year 5 and 6 a fantastic experience to remember for a very long time to come.

Maths at Plymouth University

This week we had the opportunity to attend a workshop on strategies and tactics at Plymouth University on Tuesday. The day was led by Dr Jenny Sharp and was attended by schools throughout Devon and Plymouth. The day was fun, informative and involved lots of team work and brain cells!

African Topic

Willow Class have had a fantastic half of term learning about Africa, we made many exciting piece of African art work, including designing and building Maasai huts from clay and straw. We look forward to learning about our next topic, The Romans.

Thrive - Big Lottery

As you may already know, Cornwall has been awarded £8.9m from the Big Lottery Fund’s HeadStart and Thrive programme to continue its work in supporting the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people over the next five years. Cornwall is one of just six areas across the country to receive a Big Lottery Fund grant this year which will be used to support the delivery of the HeadStart Kernow and Thrive Strategy from 2016 to 2021. Funding will be used to support a range of activities in schools and in local communities, help develop the workforce and improve support systems to ensure that all children and young people in Cornwall can access the right support when they need it. As an outstanding Thrive practitioner, Mrs Kemp was invited to a celebration and fundraising event this week at Liskeard School, where she and Ruby met with some of the Big Lottery bosses and Headstart managers. We are proud to be a Thrive school - as we feel it is so important to support the healthy emotional wellbeing of our children! Thanks to Mrs Kemp for all your hard work!

Swimming Gala

Congratulations to our swimming team who came 2nd in the swimming gala held at the Dragon Centre in Bodmin. We had lots of new children entering this year and took 18 children - this is amazing! Well done to you all

Newquay Zoo Trip

Elm, Willow and Oak had such fun and learnt lots about African animals and their habitats when we visited Newquay Zoo on Monday. The weather held off which enabled us to make the most of the outdoor environment. The workshops were really informative and very ‘hands – on’. We loved it!

Elm’s Visitor

Miss Haworth’s lovely dog Charlie paid Elm Class a visit this week! He was very well behaved and the children enjoyed doing circle time with him!

April 2017

Silly Science Day

On Tuesday this week all the children across the school took part in an amazing Science Day! They watched Professor Nitrate's Silly Science Show - which was brilliant! Full of fire, explosions, flying toilet rolls, rockets and much more! The children in Elm Class also worked with children from Antony School to investigate ice, bubbles and bubble painting. Thank you to the Friends of Braddock School and to the Antony School Parents Association for contributing towards this event!

Spring Term 2016-2017

April 2017

Forest School

This week Cherry class visited Botelet Farm. The children have really enjoyed their time learning all about the natural environment, whittling, making tree creatures, making Easter nests and toasting marshmallows! A special thank you to the parent helpers. Mrs Kemp is very proud of all their achievements and is looking forward to the summer term for new adventures outdoors! In the Summer Term as the transition into KS1 Elm and Cherry will hopefully be exploring the woodlands together. We would also like to congratulate Mrs Kemp on achieving her final forest school qualification this week!!

Baba Yaga Circus

The children have had a wonderful morning today learning some circus skills. Well done everyone for being brave and trying all of the activities!

Rainforest Visitor!

Mrs Smith’s dad, Mr Foy, kindly visited KS2 on Wednesday afternoon, to share his experiences of living and surviving in the rainforest. The children loved asking him questions about his time spent in this fascinating habitat linking to their current topic.

Oak Experiments

Oak Class had a great afternoon learning about plant roots/leaves and their properties and function. The children looked at these under a microscope and used hand held lenses to look more closely.

March 2017

Science Workshop

On Thursday Willow Class thoroughly enjoyed a trip to Liskeard School where they took part in an exciting science workshop. During the workshop we discussed how exercise changes our bodies. The children carried out experiments to find out how much energy is in the food we eat, thinking about how the energy changes, so it can be used in our bodies. We also observed a live dissection of an Ox heart, as well as measuring the capacity of our lungs, which was then linked to how our bodies change during exercise. Great fun was had by all! Here are some quotes from Willows Class’ experience: "It was a really good workshop as we learnt lots of new information." "It was amazing watching all of the explosions and eruptions.


8th March 2017

On Wednesday this week we had our termly safeguarding session with all the children across the school. Mrs Kemp had the morning to talk to the children about how to keep safe on the beach, at home, at school, in the park, in the town and online. The children worked in groups to put together their ideas and shared their thoughts and the risks that could occur with the rest of the school. The children enjoyed watching the Pantosuarus video and listened attentively to PCSO Rebecca Steed who came in to give advice on e-safety. Interestingly, there were lots of children who were talking about apps and games where the age limits were 13+ and even 18+. If you're not sure if a game is appropriate for your child please go to This is a fantastic website that tells you all about games and apps. It even lets you preview the content and offers reviews from other parents.

St Piran's Day Celebrations

3rd March 2017

Thank you to everyone who came along to support our St Piran’s Day celebrations!

World book Week

1st March 2017

Bedtime Story

Thank you to everyone who came and listened to the bedtime stories. The children had a wonderful time listening to some of their favorite books.

World Book Day

What an amazing day had by all! Thank you to all the grown ups for your hard work in making all of the costumes!

Story Telling By Mrs Simpson

We were very lucky to have had Mrs Simpson join us for the afternoon. Mrs Simpson read some of her favorite books to the children.

Pancake Day

28th February 2017

The children had fun making (and eating!) the pancakes, as well as learning about the significance of Shrove Tuesday.

February 2017

Zero Gravity

28th February 2017

A great time was had at Zero Gravity when some of our KS2 children had the opportunity to develop their confidence in gymnastic at the specialist gym center in Saltash.

Weather Explorers in Elm Class

20th February 2017

The children in Elm Class have a brilliant time creating their new hands on display. They all took part in creating this display ready to start their new topic, which they were very excited to start.

Topic Homework

Miss Weale and Mrs Smith would like to say a huge thank you and a big well done to all the children (and parents!) in Willow and Oak Class for creating such fantastic topic homework! We have had all sorts of creations handed in, they have all been shared and discussed in class.

Presley the Polar Bear

30th January 2017

The Children in Elm Class had a Frozen Explorer wow day! A polar bear broke into Elm Class and left lots of exciting activities for them! They baked blizzard cookies, made slush puppies, built igloos, watched Presley the Polar Bear and made glitter dough snowmen.

January 2017

Ernest Shackleton

25th January 2017

The children in Elm Class have been learning about Ernest Shackleton and using that knowledge to create a 'hot seat/ interview' Ernest himself. They had a wonderful time and learnt so much about Arctic Explorers.

Y3 &Y4 Multi Skills

15th January 2017

Willow Class had a fantastic morning at Liskeard School. They had great fun learning new skills in both basket ball and netball.

Hula Hoops

5th January 2017

Willow and Oak had a really fun and energetic afternoon when they had the opportunity to learn how to hula hoop to music.


3rd January 2017

Cherry and Elm Class had a marvelous afternoon dancing with a specialist dance teacher. They had so much fun and learnt lots of new dance moves linked to their topic Ernest Shackleton. Thank you Mrs Day!