We are Willow Class! We are a mixed Year 3 & 4 class. Our teacher is Miss Weale and our Higher Level Teaching Assistant is Mr Stephen. We like working on our iPads, getting creative and playing football.

2017-2018 Highlights!

Spring Term - Extreme Earth

A new term, a new topic theme - Extreme Earth homework projects!

Autumn term - All about me/Kings and Queens!

Learning about Victorians - Homework Projects!

September - fresh faced and ready for the new school year!

Visit to Pendennis Castle!

A little bit of ice skating at Eden!

Some of our learning and information from the recent past in Willow Class!

If you would like to support your child at home with their reading - try asking them some of these questions! These are the ones we use in class in their guided reading groups!


Below are the spelling sheets for Willow Class. Your children will know which spelling group they are in. The spelling sheets will also be sent home in homework books.

World War II & Pole to Pole

As part of our topic of World War Two, Willow Class have had great fun with designing and creating their own Anderson shelters. The children had to think carefully about how they would structure their Anderson Shelters and well as how to decorate them. It was a messy but very fun lesson!

On the 14th October 2015 Willow and Oak Class had a fantastic maths lesson focused on measurement. All of the children and the staff cooked yummy cakes which linked to our World War Two Topic as we used a rationed cake recipe. It was a lovely lesson, we thoroughly enjoyed eating the cakes the next day!

During the second half of the Autumn term, Oak and Willow class have been studying the exciting topic of 'Pole to Pole'. During this topic the children have learnt about the Arctic and Antarctica, focusing on the different poles as well as the animals and humans that live there, and how they have adapted to live in those harsh environments. This linked beautifully to our Art and D.T work as the children have sculpted igloos from clay and also made chalk Polar Bear pictures.

Willow - Guided Reading Sheets


The Great Fire of London & Ancient Greeks

During the first half of Spring Term Willow Class and Oak Class had a Fantastic time learning about 'The Great Fire of London'. During this topic the children constructed their own Stuart houses. At the end of the topic we had great fun burning the houses down on the school playground! As well as building the Stuart houses, the children learn't about important figures during the time era, discussed the time line of the Great Fire of London as well as compared London from the Staurt times with how London is now. During our Literacy lessons, both classes wrote amazing stories focused around our topic as well as capturing newspaper reports. When Willow Class were writing their newspaper reports they had great fun dressing up as survivors of the fire or reporters for a creative lesson of drama and hot seating. These are a few of the many other exciting and interesting activities we completed during the topic.

During the second half of Spring term, Willow class had a fantastic time learning about the Ancient Greeks! Throughout this topic the children learnt about Greek Gods, daily life in Greece, myths and legends, fables, facts about Greece over time and they designed and created their own greek pottery, to name but few exciting things.

As part of their homework Willow and Oak class were ask to create a piece of topic homework focused around Ancient Greece, they all produced a wide range of exciting pieces which they shared with the class.

We are all looking forward to our next topic, 'Space!'

The Earth & Space

Beach Safety

This term we were kindly joined by two beach lifegraurds who discussed beach safety with KS2.

The children learnt all about the different flags they see at the beach and what each of the flags are for. The children also learnt about how they could keep themselves safe on the beach; using sun cream, wearing sun hats and knowing who to go to on the beach if they need any help or assistance. It was a very interactive session with the children playing the role of sufers, body boarders and swimmers.

Golitha Falls - Geography Trip

During this term in Geography we have been learning about rivers. The children learnt about the different feautues of rivers, the effect rivers have on local habitats, as well as other interesting facts. Therefore KS2 went on an exciting geography trip to Golitha Falls, which is home to The Fowey River in Cornwall. The children walked along the river and explored it's many features as well as discussed erision caused by the river. It was a lovely trip!

Space Odyssey Planetarium

The children had a wonderful day during the term exploring space in the planetarium! The children learnt many exciting facts about space including, the different planets, stars, astronuats (focusing mainly on Tim Peake) amongst many other exciting facts! We would like to say a big 'Thank you' to Simon from Space Odyssey.

The children tried extremely hard with their topic homework focused around space, we had a great time sharing our homework with each other! Well done Willow Class! :)

Ancient Egyptians

Trip to the Royal Cornwall Museum.

On Friday 23rd of September KS2 went on an exciting trip to the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro.

In the morning they had the opportunity to see Egyptian artefacts, including a mummy! The children dressed up in authentic Egyptian clothing and even had a chance to learn about archaeological digs.

In the afternoon, the focus was on science. The ‘Bloodhound’ workshop was both inspiring and exciting, as the children learnt about resistance, speed and aerodynamics. All the children had the opportunity to build and race their rocket propelled cars in test conditions. This is what the children thought: “It was amazing” Tommy, “Really, really interesting” Abbey, “one word – fabulous” Leah

Ancient Egyptian Mummification!

As part of our research into the Ancient Egyptians, Oak and Willow class are learning about the Egyptian practise of mummification. We thought it would be fun to become embalmers and mummify tomatoes! We made a small slit in the body (tomato), scooped out the organs (seeds), cleansed the body to kill bacteria (rubbed the tomato with antibacterial gel inside and out), before filling it with natron (salt and bicarbonate of soda). Currently our ‘bodies’ are drying out at the back of the classroom, wrapped in bandages!

Ancient Egyptian Topic Homework!

The children in Oak and Willow Class produced some amazing topic homework. We were very impressed with the huge range of pyramids, sarcophagus and information leaflets, not to mention the pyramid cakes! Here are some of their masterpieces!

Writing Instructions

How to make a Guy Fawkes

Recently the children in Willow Class have been learning how to write instructions. They have been looking at the features of instruction texts as well as the vocabulary that is needed in instructions. Willow Class had great fun following instructions to make Guy Fawkes in groups, using their Core Learning Skills.

Christian Aid – Den Building Day

During this term the school helped to raise money for Christian Aid by bringing in a kind donation to school. In the afternoon we had great fun building dens with our friends to raise awareness of the suffering children in other countries endure when they are affected by disasters.

Darwin Day

This term we held a Darwin Day to research and learn more about the inspirational man that is Charles Darwin. We researched Darwin's travels to the Galapagos Islands and wrote a detailed biography about his life.

Topic Homework - Dinosaurs!

During the last few weeks Willow Class have been completing fantastic topic homework focused on Dinosaurs! All of the children had great fun and they have all enjoyed sharing their work with the class. Thank you to all parents for your help and creativity! :)


This term we have had great fun learning about the Vikings! We spent the term learning about Viking weaponry, houses, food, trade, long ships, travel and much more. To end the topic we were joined by an enthusiastic Viking Warrior who told stories of viking sagas and reenacted viking battles.

Science Workshops

Willow Class thoroughly enjoyed a trip to Liskeard School where they took part in an exciting science workshop. During the workshop we discussed 'How exercise changes our bodies', the children carried out experiments to find out how much energy is in the food we eat, thinking about how the energy changes so it can be used in our bodies. We also observed a live dissection of an Ox heart as well as measure the capacity of our lungs which was then linked to how our bodies change during exercise. Great fun was had by all!

Silly Science Workshop!

To begin the Summer Term we took part in a fantastic 'Silly Science Workshop' where the children learnt about explosions and the different components that make explosions happen. We also learnt about the forces; gravity and air resistance. The workshop was great fun and full of exciting experiments!