The school operates the County under five system in which all children who will be five in that academic year, start in September.

All children are eligible to start full time school in September. Some parents/carers may wish to stagger their entry into school and this can be discussed with the head teacher during the induction process.

Priorities for Admission.

It is not our policy to exceed our planned admission limit in any years. Currently, our planned admission limit is 16 children.

Currently ( in accordance with the 2016/2017 Admissions Policy) , places will be offered to children in the following order of priority:

We shall always admit a child with a Statement of Special Educational Need if Antony Church of England School has been specified in that statement

Children in care.

Children who live in the school’s designated area.

Children who live outside the priority area who have an older brother or sister already attending at the time of admission.

As a Church of England School we will offer places to parents who wish their children to receive an education which has a Christian focus.

Children for whom the school is geographically nearer than the school designated as the appropriate school.

Domestic reasons.

Where two or more children meet the same criterion priority will be given to a child who lives nearer the school.

We teach infant children (aged 5 to 7 years) in classes of no more than 30 to a class.

Prospective parents and pupils are invited to make an appointment to visit the school and pre-school children spend a minimum of two induction sessions prior to admission.