The English Curriculum

The Literacy Curriculum.pdf

Here is an overview of the 2014 English programmes of study for English at key stages 1 and 2. You can see the areas to be covered by each year group.

'The overarching aim for English in the national curriculum is to promote high standards of language and literacy by equipping pupils with a strong command of the spoken and written word, and to develop their love of literature through widespread reading for enjoyment. ' Taken from the Programmes of Study.

Book Week 2017

All Creatures Great And Small

The Teddy Bears' Picnic!

Today, Antony held its first Teddy Bears' Picnic. This was a chance for the children, parents and grandparents to get together and share books and stories. We spread out our picnic blankets, made our teddies comfy and read stories and poems aloud to each other.

The afternoon gave us a chance to tak with parents about Book Week. "We love it!" said one. "The variety of activities is great!"

The Teddy Bears' Picnic was a great success and children and parents all agreed that we should have another one, hopefully when the sun is shining!

The First Antony Pet Show!

The Amazing Antony Pet Show!

We had our first ever pet show at Antony as part of our Book Week and it was a huge success! This tied in with our theme of 'All Creatures Great and Small'. We had dogs (lots of dogs!), a gecko, a kitten, a mouse, a dwarf hamster and a chicken; 22 animals in all! The children enjoyed meeting all the animals, but judging who would win was much harder for them!

Huge thanks to all the parents who came along with their furry, or feathered family friends and made this a great success.

Charlotte's Web

Our Book Week this year was kicked off by the M and M Theatre Group who visited and performed 'Charlotte's Web' for us and for classes from St Nic's and Quethiock.

The children thought it was funny and exciting.

"The pig was definitely funny!" Bella (Year 3)

"The pig's costume looked very comfy, with all the padding!" Keira (Year 4)

"The actors were fabulous because they were singing, doing actions, dancing and acting!" Darcie (Year 4)