E Safety

At Antony School, E-Safety plays an integral part of the Computing curriculum.

Recently all children have had the opportunity to sign an E-Safety agreement which outlines what they should do when using the ICT equipment in school. These were catered differently to the different age groups and covered a range of different areas that support their Computing education.

E-Safety is taught throughout the year groups in a way that is best suited to their usage on the computer and online. In EYFS and KS1, Smartie the Penguin has been introduced via a story created by Childnet International. This story covers a range of different scenarios that might happen while the children are playing on their computing equipment, for example: upsetting images, messages from strangers or pop ups. In KS2 children are taught to be SMART, each letter of the word smart symbolises a way to keep safe online. Resources for both forms of E-Safety learning can be found online. Please see links attached for these.

Pupil's ICT Agreement

Pupils ICT Agreement.pdf

E-Safety Leaflet

E-Safety Leaflet-1.pdf