Junior Worship Team

The children of our Junior Worship team re volunteers who lead whole school worship each Wednesday. They work together each week during their play times and lunch times preparing their worship material. They deliver fun, child-centred worship which links to our Christian values.

Learning Monitors

At Antony School, we aim to deliver an exciting and engaging curriculum that catches the imagination of our children. Our creative curriculum is carefully tailored around our whole school topic for the term. It would be impossible to deliver the curriculum in this way without the input of the children at the planning stage.

Each term, children work together to come up with ideas for learning opportunities that could happen during the next term. They also inform their teacher what they would like to learn.

To further include the children in the planning and learning that takes place, we have introduced the role of 'Learning Monitor'. We have a team of dedicated key stage 2 children who have been completed an application form to take on this very important role within our school.

Our 'Learning Monitors' will carry out observations in all of the classrooms with an aim to identify the learning that is taking place. The Monitors will talk with children to see if they have any ideas for how their own learning could be further enhanced.

The Monitors will then feedback to the class teacher their findings. This gives the children a strong input into what is happening in their classrooms.

School Council

We are the Antony School Council!

Each half term we meet with Miss Pitman and Mrs Matthews to discuss ways we can fundraise for charities and our school and choose ways to spend our money to best support improving our school grounds and facilities.

We have a School Council book in each classroom where all children in the school can contribute ideas or issues they would like raised at the meetings.

We have recently been taking ideas from all children in the school on ways we can spend our increasing funds on our school grounds. This has been done via Key Stage Assemblies and we have had some fantastic ideas contributed. We will keep you all you posted on further developments.

Our latest fundraising day was a Dress up to save lives mufti, to raise money for our community Defibrillator! We raised £101.65.