Meet The Team

Miss Carly Passco

Head of Learning


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Science Coordinator

Mr Graham Simpson

Assistant Head of Learning

Year 5/6 Teacher

Literacy Coordinator

Mrs Rachel Nicholson

Year 3/4 Teacher

RE Coordinator

Miss Joanne Gray

Year 3/4 Teacher

Humanities Coordinator

Thrive Practitioner

Miss Stephanie Allan

Year 1/2 Teacher

PE Coordinator

Thrive Practitioner

Health Champion

Miss Hayley Pitman

EYFS/Y1 Teacher

EYFS Coordinator

Maths Coordinator

Pupil Voice

Mrs Jackie Mitcham

Year 5/6 Teaching Assistant

First Aid Lead

Mrs Jane Briars

Year 3/4 Teaching Assistant

Miss Jo Elliot

Year 1/2 Teaching Assistant

Miss Rebecca Spencer

EYFS/Y1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Natalie Matthews

School Administrator

Vice Chair of CAPSA

Mrs Jan Grey

Music Teacher

Art Therapy Leader

Mrs Julie Simpson

Academy Principal

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Honey and Florrie