Mrs. Grifka's ClassRoom

Mrs. Grifka's Classroom


Phone extension: 154


Monday: Library

Tuesday: Art, Music, Technology, Gym

Wednesday: Spanish,

Thursday: Music, Art

Friday: Spanish and Technology


Remember to return library books tomorrow.

We will do a Halloween parade. Read the Weekly for more information. We do not have a "party " for Halloween but the students are allowed to pass out treats if they wish to do so. NO cake or cupcakes allowed. The treats will be sent home with the students. Remember there are 14 students in grade 5. diary, eggs and nut allergies

The end of the quarter is near please remind your student to make sure his or her work gets turned in on time. Thanks.

I am available for questions and extra help in the mornings this week. (7;15 to 7:40) Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Remember to sign up for conferences November 7th afternoon or evening. If the times or day do not work for you please contact me, and we can make other arrangements.

Classroom News

Good Day everyone!


I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend.

I am available on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings for extra help. (7:15 -7:40).

The students have a lot of tests or quizzes in the next week and a half. Please check your child's agenda daily.

. Please make sure your child is in proper uniform. I noticed belts, shoes, shirts that were not proper uniform. Your son/daughter will be written up if your child is without a belt, wrong type or color shoes, and shirt is continuously not tucked in. Thank you for your help with this matter. If your child gets a second violation then he or she will lose the next alternate dress down day.

Please make sure your child has a healthy snack each day. A water bottle/container is encouraged.

We will shop at the Scholastic Book Fair on Wednesday, October 30th.

The end of the quarter is this Friday, November 1st.

Please join us for mass on Friday @ 8:00am.

Looking Ahead: We will be ministering mass on November 6th. The parts will be assigned on Monday. We hope you can join us.

I hope everyone has a marvelous week.


Mrs. Grifka



The test is on Wednesday over Lessons 6-10. We are currently working on Lessons 11-14. We will finish the arrays on Friday.

Pages we will cover are 80-90.

Math notebooks will be turned in on Wednesday for me to look over. The new quarter will start on Monday.


Due to other projects that had to be completed due to time, the poems will be completed in class on Tuesday, October 29th. The test will be at the beginning of next week.

Chapter 3 test study guide will go home by Wednesday.

The test covers pages 43-51.


We will finish up Unit 2 this week. We need to do possessives and Appositives. We will review at the end of the week. The test will be next week. We will go over 64-71.


We will begin working in Storyworks . The story is "Our Beautiful Town is Gone."We will watch the video in class, work on comprehension questions, text evidence worksheet, and exploring Text Features. There will be a quiz next week.


We will begin chapter 8 :The Universe. We will do the Explore on page 421. What Keeps the Earth moving around the Sun?

We will work on Earth and Sun. pages 422-428. The outline for lesson 1; we will have a quiz over section one next Monday.


We will work on classifying, completing the Idea and reviewing the words for units 1-6. No test this week.

Social studies

We will continue to work on the last two sections in unit 1. We will discuss Environmental Challenges and Katrina. . The test for these two sections will be November 1.


Poem is due for Religion on October 29th.

Math notebooks need to be turned in on Wednesday, October 30th.

Math test is on October 30th.

Social Studies test is November 1st.