MyUI+ Health Check

Planned Optimizations

The planned optimizations listed below impact a large percentage of the claimant optimization.
If an issue you are experiencing is not listed below, it likely does not impact a large number of claimants.

If you have an issue verifying your identity via, please check out the page.


In Progress


Issue/What you See


Issue/What you See
When a claimant requests backdates, presenting benefit weeks show as 01/01/0001 to 01/07/0001, and payment is unable to be issued.

This impacts a small population of claimants. A fix will be deployed in late October.

Issue/What you See
Weeks that are requested and showing a status of
“waiting for processing”.

Fix being tested, set for deployment late October.

*Some claims still show Zero Balance weeks. The remaining claims have a separate item that is preventing the fix from running. We are working on resolving this final group in nightly batches.