How Do I?


Be sure to turn off pop-up blockers

MyUI+ is best navigated using Google Chrome browser

MyUI+ is most effective on a desktop or laptop computer

You will need to reset your password every 180 days

Use the “hamburger menu” to navigate the application

DO NOT use VPN services

Work Search and Workforce Center Registration


  • You are required to conduct valid work-search activities to meet UI eligibility requirements.

  • We recommend that you complete at least 5 work-search activities per week.

  • When you filed your UI claim you were required to register with

Forms and Correspondence

Work Registration

  • Notice to Register for Work

      • As part of the requirement to actively seek suitable employment, you must register for work.

          • If you live in Colorado, register with Connecting Colorado by clicking the REGISTER button on

          • If you live outside of Colorado, register with your local state employment office or American Job Center. Find your local office here.

  • You may receive a Notice to Register for Work that is available in MyUI+ under Correspondence.

      • Once you are registered with Connecting Colorado, please disregard the notice.

      • Complete and return the form if you live outside of Colorado.



    • Income shown on 1099s include benefits for regular unemployment, PEUC, SEB, PUA, FPUC, LWA, and the Polis Stimulus money received in 2020.

        • The income reported includes the entire amount paid, even if you have an overpayment.

        • Any benefits repaid should be reported on your taxes.

    • If you received benefits from both the regular unemployment system and PUA, you will receive multiple 1099s with different amounts. You must report all the income.

        • The 1099s will each have a different number in box 10b, State Identification Number, on each 1099

    • PUA 1099s are available in MyUI+ under Correspondence

        • Some PUA 1099s had to be reissued because of an incorrect Payer’s TIN. The correct TIN ends in 0802678.

The 1099s for regular unemployment, PEUC, and SEB are not yet available online. If you did not receive the copy mailed to you, complete this form.

Payment Holds

What you see

What it means

What comes next

You have been flagged for meeting one or more indicators of a fraudulent claim

Pending issues

There is an outstanding issue on your claim that may impact our ability to pay

Provide any fact finding documents to the department

Payment rejected

The bank account on file rejected our attempt to pay you

You need to contact your bank or financial institution and update your bank account information with us

Pending Issues

Payment Rejected