Implementation and Evaluation Grant

In 2017, the Governor's Office, with support from the General Assembly, began the Implementation and Evaluation Grant that supports evidence and implementation capacity building for programs funded by the state's Marijuana Tax Cash Fund.

Solicitation for Letters of Interest

Below is the July 2017 memo soliciting letters of interest for the first round of the grant. The deadline for the first round of funding has passed and applicants were notified in fall of 2017 (please see below for a list of funded projects).

Implementation and Evaluation Funding Opportunity.pdf

2017 Awardees and Project Summaries

The Office received 13 proposals from six departments with funding requests totaling $2.3 million. After a rigorous review process, five projects were selected. The projects are listed below.

  • School Health Professionals Grant (SHPG), Department of Education: Funding is being used to conduct a rigorous evaluation of the SHPG program to determine if and how SHPG interventions are improving student outcomes.
  • School Bullying Prevention and Education Grant (BPEG), Department of Education: Funding is being used to hire an implementation specialist to provide robust support to BPEG grantees using the BP-PBIS intervention and to support a rigorous evaluation of the BPEG program overall.
  • Student Re-engagement Grant (SRG), Department of Education: Funding is being used to bolster implementation supports and conduct a process evaluation to ensure greater fidelity by SRG grantees (schools) and improve student outcomes.
  • Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI), Department of Higher Education: Funding is being used to establish measurable outcome metrics and create a sophisticated plan to evaluate program benchmarks and return on investment.
  • Colorado Pre-trial Assessment Tool (CPAT), Department of Higher Education in partnership with Mesa County and the 21st Judicial District: Funding is being used to conduct an implementation assessment and pilot study to ensure that the revalidated scale works as designed. Additionally, it will be used to evaluate the relationship between the CPAT risk levels and pretrial outcomes.

Each project, with the exception of the CPAT project, is funded for multiple years. This was intentional so that each program may fully realize their plans without any interruption of funds. For years one and two, funding has been fully allocated to grantees.