Translated COVID-19 resources

In an effort to support outreach and messaging to communities with limited English proficiency (including refugees, immigrants, and others) we have compiled a database of translated materials in 64 languages (fact sheets, posters, multimedia, and videos) covering a wide range of topics. The button below will direct you to an online database formatted to filter by language or topic.

If you encounter any problems or have requests for additional resources to be added, please email the CDPHE Refugee Program at

Connections in Colorado

Print and multimedia materials can bridge language barriers, but to be more effective, best practices for reaching out incorporates the use of individuals familiar with the culture and language of the community.

If you are an agency working with communities with limited English proficiency in Colorado and would like assistance connecting with culture and language experts, please reach out to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Refugee Program Coordinator, Lidia Tamerat at

Guidelines for a public health response inclusive of populations with limited English proficiency (LEP)

Provides: goals, background and context, best practices and communication strategies and resources to aid in your work or share with partners who may be new to working with communities or individuals with LEP. Accessible as a handout or one-page checklist.