Silver Partner

Urban Farmer Denver

Silver Partner

Denver, CO

Urban Farmer Denver is a modern steakhouse bringing “rural chic” to life in the heart of Denver just steps away from the revitalized Union Station. Urban Farmer Denver believes in consciously sourced food. Our culinary team develops relationships with local farms, ranches, and fisheries, to consider everything from the diets and treatment of animals to land use. As part of our zero waste mission, we utilize the whole animal— from steak cuts and sausages, to bone broth and stocks.

Waste Minimization & Diversion

    • Divert waste to the landfill through recycling - 90% diversion rate.
    • 100% compostable, To Go™ program and cork recycling.
    • Recycle fryer oil into bio fuels.

Water Conservation & Quality

    • Collaborate with "Boss Defrost" for water conservation and defrosting foods.


    • Partnered with local trike-bike based Scraps to extend composting to the residents of downtown Denver.
    • Became a member of the Good Food 100 List in 2018.