Silver Partner

Denver Water

Silver Partner

Denver, CO

Denver Water (DW) is reliant upon certain environmental conditions for its continued operations; these same operations can also affect the environment. DW shall identify those conditions, internal and external, with the potential to impact the attainment of intended outcomes of its Environmental Management System (EMS) through a variety of means, including its significant environmental aspects and impacts analysis.

Responsible Energy and Greenhouse Gas Reduction

    • Reduced GHG emissions 15%.
    • Goal to reach energy neutrality by 2020.

Waste Minimization & Diversion

    • Reduced municipal solid waste going to landfill 25%.
    • Reduced total municipal solid waste (landfill/recycling/compost) per capity 25%.
    • Reduced electronic waste per capita 10%.

Water Conservation & Quality

    • Set water budget for each Denver Water facility and identify, meter track and report for savings.
    • Allow and encourage "One Water" policy with city and state agencies.
    • Removal of lead service lines from distribution systems.

Corporate Social Responsibility

    • Implement a smoking cessation and have smoke-free campuses.