Gold Leader

Majestic Metals, LLC

Gold Leader

Denver, CO

Gold member since 1999 (First Gold Leader)

Majestic Metals LLC, founded in 1979 provides precision sheet metal components and assemblies to several industries including medical & computer electronics, self service solutions, lighting, and rural architecture. Majestic Metals is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company. Our commitment to our customer has extended to sound environmental efforts. Majestic Metals is proud to serve as an industry model for companies, foreign and domestic, interested in developing environmentally friendly facilities.

Responsible Energy & Greenhouse Gas Reduction

    • Installed high efficiency fluorescent tube lighting.
    • Installed new equipment with reduced energy requirements.

Waste Minimization & Diversion

    • 100% recycling of scrap metals and cardboard.
    • Implementation of reusable shipping containers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

    • Donated money and time/labor to local fire department.
    • Honored as the Clean Air Colorado Partner of the Year, was named the first Charter Member of the Performance Track Award presented by the United States EPA and selected by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment as one of the first members of the State's Environmental Protection Agency Performance Track Program.