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BASF Brighton Colorado

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Brighton, CO

Gold member Since 2019

The Brighton site is part of the Construction Chemicals division within BASF. The site produces polyurethanes that are used throughout the construction industry. The portfolio of products manufactured at the site includes: High-performance polyurethane and hybrid sealants used in a variety of construction applications such expansion joints, window and door frames, and roofing; Polyurethane and hybrid adhesives used in applications that require high-strength bonding; Polyurethane waterproofing systems used in parking garages, stadiums, and other pedestrian and vehicular applications and Waterproofing membranes used for exterior below-grade or between-slab applications.

Responsible Energy & Greenhouse Gas Reduction

    • Reduction of fugitive emissions through extruder process.

Waste Minimization & Reduction

    • Reduction of hazardous waste through beneficial re-use.
    • Replacement of hazardous waste with more environmentally friendly chemicals.

Water Conservation & Quality

    • Elimination of storm water contamination beyond permit specifications.

Corporate Social Responsibility

    • Held community and employee annual Global Safety Days.
    • Hosted BASF Kids’ Labs at local elementary schools as well as a toy drive every December.
    • Hosted BASF Global Safety Month Site E-recycling waste event.