Bronze Achiever

Crestone Peak Resources, LLC

Bronze Achiever

Denver, CO

Crestone Peak Resources is a top producer of oil and natural gas in Colorado, led by a team of more than 180 Colorado-based energy professionals with experience deeply rooted in DJ Basin operations. Crestone aims to be the region's premier operator through efficient, safe and environmentally responsible operations and strives to minimize the temporary impacts energy production can have on neighboring communities by utilizing several mitigation strategies based on experience, the latest technologies and industry best practices.

Responsible Energy & Greenhouse Gas Reduction

    • The "Hub" has Eliminated nearly 42,000 tanker trucks from local roads since 2017. (The Hub serves as a single location for oil and gas collection and processing equipment).
    • Utilize Premium drilling fluid: began using NEOFLO, an innovative synthetic drilling base fluid that is virtually odor-free, non-toxic and readily biodegradable.
    • Electric drilling rigs: Implementation of line powered electric drilling reduces fuel use and combustion emissions.
    • Vapor recovery units (VRU): VRUs capture low-pressure gas and send it directly to the gathering line, reducing the amount of gas incinerated on site and lowering emissions.
    • Quiet-FleetTM technology: Crestone uses advanced, fit-for-purpose hydraulic equipment, which decreases noise impacts and lowers emissions because of its dual fuel capabilities.

Water Conservation & Quality

    • Fly ash: In using fly ash, Crestone significantly reduces the permeability of the soil to protect groundwater.
    • Groundwater remediation: Completed five groundwater remediation projects for historical spills pre-dating Crestone.

Corporate Social Responsibility

    • Support non-profits like food banks, veteran groups, schools, and other civic organizations near where they operate.