Rules and Regulations of Transport Permits

For the Movement of Extra Legal Vehicles or Loads

Traveling During Hours of Darkness

Hours of Darkness - Sunset to sunrise.

Hours of Daylight - Sunrise to sunset.

TRAVELING DURING HOURS OF DARKNESS-From Rules and Regulation Section 408.3

If the extra-legal vehicle (>8'6" width) or load doesn't exceed 12' in width, it may travel at night with a flashing yellow light mounted to the front of the vehicle, and at least two but not more than 3 flashing yellow light on the extreme rear.

If the extra-legal vehicle or load exceeds 12', but does not exceed 14' in width, it may travel at night with one pilot vehicle in the front on all two-lane highways, and one pilot escort vehicle in the rear on all four-lane highways.

An Extra-legal vehicle or Load more than 14' in width is prohibited from travel during hours of darkness, unless authorized under a chapter 6 special permit.

An extra-legal vehicle or Load that exceeds the legal limits for length or has an overhang:

  • A flashing yellow Light shall be mounted to the front of the vehicle.

The permittee shall attach at least one but not more than three yellow or red cluster lights to any overhang, as follows:

  • If the overhang is in the rear, red cluster lights shall be used.

  • If the overhang is in the front, yellow cluster Lights shall be used.

Insurance Requirements to Move a Manufactured Home

If you are hauling a manufactured home, you will need to upload insurance showing public liability insurance in amounts of not less than one hundred thousand dollars per person and three hundred thousand dollars per accident. The breakout of coverage must be shown on the certificate.

If the insurance accord does not include commercial general liability coverage, but does include automobile liability which meet the required minimums, a copy of your MCS-90 can be uploaded with the insurance accord.

Insurance required amounts from Colorado Revised Statutes, 42-4-510. Permits for excess size and weight and for manufactured homes