Colorado Digital Service

The Colorado Digital Service is a diverse cross-functional team of senior engineers, designers, product managers, and procurement specialists serving limited "tours of civic service" (six months to two years) in government.

We work alongside dedicated civil servants in the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and across state agencies to develop and improve user-centered solutions to Colorado's most pressing technical challenges.

Listen to Director Kelly Taylor describe what it means to work in civic technology with a glimpse into when the team was first started and how it has evolved. We're excited to welcome more of you to the work.


  • Create momentum (credit: USDS)

  • Find the truth, tell the truth (credit: USDS)

  • Government is us, just us (credit: Megan Smith)

  • Be curious

  • Start with the problem, move to action

  • Be humble

  • Don't parachute in

  • Challenge the status quo


  • Helping modernize the technology that manages the child welfare system - 5,600+ direct users, thousands more affected.

  • Applied user-centered research and design methods to selecting and procuring a new grant management system for the Division of Criminal Justice that administers 17 grants programs, averaging $60 million to more than 300 grantees across Colorado.