Leave Accruals and Caps

  • 1-5 yrs 8 hrs/month cap: 192 hrs
  • 6-10 yrs 10 hrs/month cap: 240 hrs
  • 11-15 yrs 12 hrs/month cap: 288 hrs
  • 16+ yrs 14 hrs/month cap: 336 hrs

Compensatory Time

Shall not exceed 90 hours

  • 6 hours 40 min cap: 360 hrs
  • Over-accrued sick leave up to 80 hours is converted to annual leave each new fiscal year (July 1st) at a 5:1 ratio (5 hours of sick converts to 1 hour annual leave). An employee may have an individual maximum accrual that is greater than 360 hours if continuously employed in the state personnel system prior to 7/1/88.

Note: all FY 18-19 holidays must be taken by June 30, 2019

How do I know if the time card has been approved?

Orange= Employee only has approved the time card

Yellow= Supervisor only has approved the time card

Green= Both Employee and Supervisor have approved the time card

White= No approvals have been made

Gray= Payroll has signed off on the time card; no further changes can be made

Used by CBI InstaCheck and Identification Units only

End of Fiscal Year Kronos Timekeeper Video Tutorials for Employees

Due to popular demand, we have developed these video tutorials to help you navigate end of the fiscal year leave balances. This video doesn't have any sound, but provides a step by step system navigation demo.