Dispute Resolution

Complaints of discrimination, sexual harassment or workplace harassment

Step 1: Notify HR.

Step 2: Notify your supervisor.

HR staff will provide information and guidance. If appropriate, a thorough, impartial and confidential investigation will be arranged and conducted. The policy can be found here.

HR and management will take all complaints or concerns of alleged or possible harassment or discrimination seriously no matter how minor or who is involved. Appropriate action will be taken to remediate or prevent the prohibited conduct from continuing. Steps will be taken to prevent retaliation or prohibited conduct from recurring during and after any investigations or complaints. Managers and supervisors who knowingly allow or tolerate discrimination, sexual harassment or retaliation, including the failure to immediately report such misconduct to HR, are in violation of CDPS policy and subject to corrective disciplinary action.

Other workplace complaints

Employees may initiate the Grievance Process.

Contact HR for assistance 303-239-4427, cdps_hr@state.co.us

Supervisory resources available in Supervisor guidance section