Buying a Home in an HOA

An HOA Center Toolkit

Introduction to HOAs

This guide covers HOA basics and will provide information on the state laws and governing documents, as well as an overview of what an HOA is, how one is formed, who makes up an HOA community, what their roles are, and what rights and responsibilities they have.

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Is an HOA right for You?

Determine if an HOA is right for you and learn what home buyers should look for if they are thinking of purchasing a home in an HOA.

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Before Purchasing in an HOA

Associations can provide different things, some will provide snow and trash removal while others will provide community engagement and events. As a prospective buyer, you can request to see an HOA’s governing documents and read through them to determine what services the community provides to its homeowners.

Life in an HOA

Get to know the laws and governing documents that control an HOA as well as your rights and responsibilities when you are an owner in or on the board of an HOA.

State Laws and Governing Documents

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Governing Documents, Covenant & Rule Enforcement

Being on an HOA Board is no easy task. Covenant and rule enforcement is one of the most difficult aspects of running a community association. Covenant and rule enforcement is used to create a sense of fairness and equity among residents. A community's covenants are designed to protect, maintain, and preserve property values, as well as promote harmonious community living.

Rights & Responsibilities When Living in an HOA

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HOAs for Board Members

HOA Basics provides an overview of HOAs from the point of view of board members and discusses how to effectively run an HOA.

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HOAs for New Owners

This presentation provides an overview of HOAs from a member's point of view and discusses members rights and responsibilities

Additional Resources

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HOA Meetings

Annual meetings can be the only time homeowners and board members all come together. These meetings can be a great time to build a sense a community or they can cause stress and anxiety.

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Special Districts

The boundaries of homeowners' associations and districts often overlap, and they sometimes provide similar services, so it is not surprising that owners are confused at times about these things. This article will briefly explain the differences between homeowner associations and special districts to shed some light.

How to Handle HOA Disputes .pdf

Handling HOA Disputes

There are genuine disputes between homeowners, the board, and management companies. It is imperative that homeowners take the appropriate steps to address their issues.