Poetry Submission Guidelines

If your collection has been published before, DO NOT read the rest of this page! We do NOT publish previously published chapbooks!

There is only one caveat: only a third (1/3) of your manuscript can be previously published. Say you have 23 poems and you divide it by three, that means you can only submit a manuscript with 7.666666666666667 previously published poems. And you might as well drop the iffy .666666666666667 poem. It's unfinished and you didn't really like it anyway.

If, however, your submission has never been published before (for the most part), then by all means, read on...

1. Does the font and font size really matter to you?

Yes, please use a size 12 font, Times New Roman font type.

2. What about the page?

You may use the following page sizes:

6 by 9


8.5 by 11.

The title of the poem must be in bold with 2 spaces between the body of the poem.

3. Page count?

Well, according to Google chapbooks are small pamphlets of various content sold by peddlers and Wikipedia says they range up to 40 pages. While we don't agree about the peddler bit, we do have a page count requirement: 16-36, excluding the title page, TOC, index, and acknowledgement pages.

4. Content and theme?

We don't publish by subjects. (Honestly, there's nothing worse than a publishing house with open submissions but is only looking for works about Siamese cats of all things.) We don't care if your collection has a theme, a thesis, or some kind of meandering, repeating element throughout the collection. It'd be nice, but it's not required.

5. When are submissions open?

May 1st 12:00 a.m.-August 1st 11:59 p.m. MST annually. No exceptions.

6. Accepted file types?

We will gladly accept attached submission in the following file types: .ODT, .DOC, .DOCX, and GDOC.

7. Still have questions?

Email the Staff here.

8. Are you ready to submit?

Click here to send an email with a 3-6 line bio pasted in the body. Remember to attach your submission to the email and have a lovely day!

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