ML Submission Guidelines

If your novella has been published before, DO NOT read the rest of this page! We do NOT publish previously published works!

If, however, your submission has NEVER been published before, then by all means, read on...

1. Does the font and font size really matter to you?

Yes, use a size 12, Serif font.

2. What about the page?

You must have 1-inch margins on an 8 by 11-inch sized page. The text must be double-spaced. If there are chapters, new chapter must be begin on a new page. Your header must list the title of your work followed by the page number in the top right-hand corner.

3. Word count?

30,000-70,000 words, excluding the title, TOC (table of contents), and dedication pages. Any submission under 30,000 and over 70,000 words will automatically be rejected.

4. Content and theme?

We don't publish by subjects or themes. (Honestly, there's nothing worse than a publishing house with open submissions but is only looking for works that feature Russian magnates dying of cancer and their speculation on life.) We are, however, looking for stand-alone works of multicultural literary fiction. (See our Manifesto for more details.) If you have any questions about this, email the Staff.

5. When are submissions open?

December 1st 12:00 a.m.-March 1st 11:59 p.m. MST annually. No exceptions.

6. Accepted file types?

We will gladly accept attached submissions in the following file types: .ODT, .DOCX, GDOC, and .PDF.

7. Multiple submissions?

No, we don't accept multiple submissions or submissions that were submitted elsewhere.

8. Review process?

Our review process typically takes 1-3 months.

9. What should the submission look like?

Title, TOC, and dedication pages must be in a separate document from your novella. You must have two title pages, one that has your contact information and word count listed, the other with just the title. We only want the first 3 (three) chapters of your novella. If there are no chapters, the first 20 pages will suffice.

10. Are you ready to submit?

Click here to send an email with a 3-6 line bio pasted in the body. Remember to attach your submission to the email and have a lovely day!

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